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December 5, 2010 | By Dinah Eng
Investment executive Louis Gonda wanted two things when he and his wife, Kelly, moved into their Beverly Hills home in 1991 ? enough room to house a family with five children and staff, and a location with resale value. "Beverly Hills remains the best international brand you can find, so we built here," says Gonda, who hired Los Angeles architect Peter Choate to design a Georgian mansion on 1.5 acres above the Beverly Hills Hotel. "I like the anonymity of the house, which is not noticed from the street.
September 30, 1991
Although my list of heroes is pretty short these days, it does include Don Hagan. I've known Don for many years, and whereas I tend to become cynical and tired of trying, Don never stops. He truly believes in a better world, and believes he has the ability and the responsibility to change it. When other gays and lesbians were hiding in the closet, Don let everyone know he was gay and worked tirelessly to make the world a better place for all. While other persons with AIDS shrank to the shadows, Don opened to the world to tell the truth and help educate the uninformed.
July 5, 1998
James Pinkerton, in his perhaps serious June 25 Column Right, "Wilde Things: Being Earnest in Washington," fantasizes through Oscar Wilde's eyes that "the closets of silence no longer confine most American homosexuals . . . Now it is the flagrant heterosexuals who are entombed in reticence." What an interesting comparison! And yet it has no basis in fact. Most American gays are still in the closet. They feel no freedom to explore the sorts of relationships openly that their heterosexual counterparts enjoy.
October 13, 1993
One jury deliberating in the penalty phase of the so-called Nightmare on Orange Grove murder case has recommended a life sentence without the possibility for parole for one defendant, but a second panel deadlocked 11 to 1 for the same for the other defendant.
August 14, 2009 | David Kelly
A woman and her 16-year-old male roommate were arrested after authorities found her emaciated, battered and bruised 5-year-old son locked in a closet. Desiree Gonzalez, 31, and the unidentified roommate were taken into custody Tuesday after San Bernardino County sheriff's deputies received an anonymous call saying a child was being held hostage and denied food and water. They also were told that he was being burned and beaten. When they arrived, deputies found nine children, three adults and the boy in the closet.
December 28, 1986
I've always thought I had sophisticated television viewing tastes, meaning I watch very little on the tube. I have to come out of the closet on one show, however. I love "ALF"! It isn't the story lines, which are not great, but the alien himself. My wife and I just crack up at his body language, funny lines and cultural insights. Hope it survives. Steve Wells, Calabasas
February 4, 1993 | Associated Press
The $8.2-million robbery of an armored truck company apparently was solved Wednesday when almost all of the cash was found in a closet and three men were arrested, authorities said. The money, in $100 bills, had been taken in a Dec. 27 robbery at the Hudson Armored Car Co. with the help of a guard on duty, said James M. Fox, head of the FBI's New York office.
April 1, 1990
Your story on outing was a thought-provoking, well-written piece. It brought up many good points, pro and con, and showed how complex an issue this practice really is. I would just like to add my two cents. First, we must remember that outing is usually reserved for public figures (role models), so we are not speaking about outing John Doe who lives down the street. Each instance of outing has to be and must be judged on its own. I personally do not know how much is gained by outing entertainers.
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