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December 23, 2013 | By Steven Zeitchik
For those who've seen the buzziest of buzzy holiday movies, Spike Jonze's “Her,” you probably left the theater with much to think about. One of the biggest questions, at least from a filmmaking standpoint: How did Jonze and his team arrive at the future we see on the screen? Infinitely relatable though gently different, the Los Angeles of Jonze's unspecified future occupies a new and exciting place in cinematic history--and the history, as it where, of futurism itself. “Her's” L.A.” is a million miles from “Blade Runner,” but it also not entirely a utopia.
June 27, 2002 | Louise Roug
The Downtown L.A. Standard rooftop bar--Open only a month, already a tough door with a guest list. The clothes: Optional (there's a pool). Otherwise, a mix of business suits and designer clothes. 550 S. Flower St., downtown L.A., (213) 892-8080. Nacional--Newly opened Cuban-themed club. On Friday nights, you gotta know someone inside. The clothes: Dress continental sophistication. Helmut Lang sleek. A "no silicone" look. 1645 N. Wilcox Ave., Hollywood, (323) 962-7712. Deep--Still a tight door.
August 28, 1994
Let me see if I have this right. La Habra plans to ban clotheslines because the City Council considers clean, sweet-smelling clothes to be a "blight." Yet La Habra is doing nothing to address the blight of traffic and air pollution. Maybe people are supposed to wear dirty clothes so that everything matches--the clothes, the cars, the air. Perhaps there is even a City Council term for this, such as coordinated-aesthetics-of-the-external-environment. I must admit it makes a California kind of sense.
December 28, 2001 | Jeannine Stein
Dear Fashion Police: Would you give me some ideas on what to wear with a pair of red (not screaming red) leather pants? I would love to find a black turtleneck or scoop-neck top that's form-fitting and has some sparkle. I received a beautiful gold belt with a diamond buckle for my birthday and would like to include that in the outfit. I also have a waist-length black leather jacket I could use. I'm 56 and slim. Another thing: Can a woman ever have too many clothes? I'm often embarrassed at all the stuff I own and am trying desperately to pare the wardrobe down.
December 20, 1992
"Clothes and the Aging Body" really hit the mark. Kudos to the Arizona women doing the research. Their statistics certainly describe me and my problems. I still lead an active life at 72 and have great difficulty finding well-fitting clothes that are appropriate regardless of price--especially tennis items. Thanks for printing this, and hopefully more manufacturers will respond. JOYE TATZ Rancho Mirage
April 15, 1993
In high school, awareness grows quickly of the lifetime benefits--and drawbacks--of one's sex. Rare is the student who has not at least considered switching sexes, if only for a day. High Life asks: "Have you ever wished you were the opposite sex? Why or why not?" "Yes, because it only takes boys two minutes to get ready for wherever they want to go." Stacey Clements, 16, junior, Santa Margarita "Yes.
May 15, 1987 | BETTY GOODWIN
Cary Grant, in the '30s and '40s, wore his suits with the equivalent of Joan Crawford shoulders. The shoulders were unusually exaggerated, measuring some 6 1/2 inches wide. "It was a particularly good style for him, because he had small, sloping shoulders and a big head," pointed out Edward Sexton, a prominent Savile Row tailor.
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