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December 12, 2010 | By Shan Li, Los Angeles Times
An Irvine-based company is threatening to sue a Riverside County school district over its ban on a clothing line inspired by a local stunt dirt bike team and adorned with logos resembling Nazi insignia. The Metal Mulisha Riders from Temecula ? known for their irreverent attitudes, gravity-defying stunts and tattoos ? have many fans among motocross-loving teenagers. But critics say the clothes they wear include Nazi-style helmets and a lightning bolt "S" similar to those worn by Nazi military forces.
April 21, 2014 | By Melissa Magsaysay, Special to the Los Angeles Times
Eco-conscious and sustainably produced clothing has long been associated with murky-colored, burlap-reminiscent items focused more on sending an Earth-friendly message than on looking runway-ready. So as Earth Day approaches on Tuesday, it's good to know there are now some chic, sustainable options. From sourcing fabrics to creating hangtags, each of the brands highlighted here considers impact on the Earth in production choices and uses recycled materials as often as possible - in some cases, building an entire line on repurposed materials.
Where do basketball players go to celebrate the signing of their first NBA contract? No, not Disneyland. Many of them make tracks to a tailor. Some players are just too tall to wear off-the-rack menswear--suits, jackets, pants--typically designed to fit men 6 feet, 3 inches and shorter. Others may be able to find a suit jacket that will fit, but the matching pants will be too large. So most NBA players are only too happy to indulge in custom-made clothing. And why not? Suit prices may start at about $1,000, but the average NBA salary is $1.33 million.
September 11, 2013 | By Susan Denley
Rapper and fledgling fashion designer Kanye West is looking for a vice president of production and a chief financial officer for a "clothing project. " Both positions are posted on LinkedIn. "The venture will be very high profile and, unlike those in which celebrities merely lend their name to a label, this venture will have the power of Mr. West's creative genius at the heart and soul of it," says the posting for VP . "Mr. West will play a hands-on role in leading design efforts, having studied and worked with design houses such as Fendi, Giuseppe Zanotti, Nike and Louis Vuitton," it says.
November 27, 1997 | ELIZABETH MEHREN
El Nino forecasts may have Southern Californians pulling out their rain boots and slickers between dips in the backyard pool, but outside Palm Paradise, many families are noticing the familiar chill that signals winter's imminence. Temperate or not, the change in season also means warmer clothes. Children will dump last year's models--which, simply by hanging in a closet or lying in a drawer--have become three sizes too small.
Sunscreen? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Hat? Check. Think that's enough to stave off harmful rays? Not necessarily, say the makers of sun protective clothing, a growing category of sportswear for the UV-wary. Marketed under such names as Solumbra, SunSkins and Shades, the specially fabricated garments reportedly block out most of the rays linked to skin cancer.
January 31, 1996 | MIMI KO CRUZ
From simple knit and purl to fancy shell and loop stitches, some 35 women throughout the city transform balls of yarn each day into baby clothes, bootees, bonnets, blankets, bibs, diaper covers and children's sweaters. The women, all members of the Needlework Guild of America's Fullerton chapter, waste no time in their quest to make beautiful garments for the poor. In all, the 44-year-old group has 382 members--most of whom donate yarn and money for the cause.
December 19, 1996
Sheriff's detectives seized hundreds of thousands of counterfeit designer clothing labels Wednesday at a Montebello self-storage facility, authorities said. Among the labels were such designer names as Gucci, Nike, Fila, Tommy Hilfiger and Gianni Versace. An anonymous informant told detectives about a Walnut Park garment factory where the labels were being sewn on clothing, said Sgt. Jim LeBlanc.
February 26, 2003 | From Bloomberg News
Target Corp. said it would sell designer Isaac Mizrahi's line of women's sports clothing and accessories created exclusively for the company. Target Chief Executive Robert Ulrich is offering more designer items to differentiate the discount chain from larger rival Wal-Mart Stores Inc., which has lower prices. Shares of Minneapolis-based Target rose 28 cents to $28.51 on the NYSE.
May 18, 1988 | United Press International
Older Americans are twice as likely to be killed by fires as the rest of the population and also tend to be at particular risk for clothing fires, says the American Association of Retired Persons. The AARP cites a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission study which showed more than 90% of clothing fire deaths occurred in people age 50 or older. The AARP suggests these shopping tips: --Choose garments made of flame-resistant fibers (tight-weave, tight-knit, non-fuzzy).
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