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March 9, 1999 | CHRIS DUFRESNE
Chilling, disturbing, gripping. . . and that's just page 36, on which Dwight Gooden and a friend pay an unannounced visit to Kevin Mitchell's house in 1986 and are startled to find Mitchell drunk, arguing with his girlfriend, wielding a 12-inch knife and soon holding all three hostage as Mitchell, swiping a gruesome scene from Stephen King, decapitates his girlfriend's cat. How about those New York Mets?
Reading this cookbook is like traveling with a breathy, energetic, chronically enthusiastic, but disorganized companion. At first, the frothy prose, madcap graphics, endless sidebars and dippy handwritten postcards present a seemingly impenetrable surface of cuteness and clutter. I spot recipes that intrigue me, but promptly lose them in the visual stew. I begin thinking that a more appropriate title might be: "Sheila Lukins All Over the Map Cookbook."
October 18, 1987 | John Bryne Cooke, Cooke writes about the American West. His second novel, "South of the Border," will be published next year by Bantam Books
In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. . . . Thirty-six days after leaving the Canary Islands, where he refitted and resupplied his ships, he made landfall in the Bahamas. As Columbus himself indirectly acknowledged, it is possible that other intrepid mariners saw the New World before he did, but his landing is rightly celebrated, for it marked the start of continuous, recorded exploration and settlement of the Western Hemisphere, first by Spaniards and then, as Spain declined following the defeat of her Armada, by many other nations.
March 12, 1986
Roel Construction Co., Inc. appointed Lynne Manner as marketing assistant.
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