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Coalition Government

May 19, 1989 | From Times wire service s
Premier Ciriaco De Mita resigned today after repeated sniping by the Socialists, his main partner in the 13-month-old coalition government. De Mita turned in his resignation as head of Italy's 48th postwar government to President Francesco Cossiga. The president asked De Mita to stay on in a caretaker capacity. The political negotiations aimed at forming a new coalition could take weeks.
September 7, 1989 | From Times Wire Services
Polish Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki said today he has completed a four-party coalition government in which Solidarity will take the leading role held by the Communists since World War II. "The questioning of the candidates (by parliamentary commissions) starts tomorrow. That means the list is completed," Mazowiecki told reporters as he arrived to brief Solidarity's parliamentary deputies on the new Cabinet. He said he will announce his team Tuesday after the parliamentary hearings.
June 25, 1989 | Roger Warner, Warner, co-author (with Haing Ngor) of " A Cambodian Odyssey " (Macmillan/Warner Books), is writing a history of the U.S. war in Laos. and
Cambodia is one of those small, faraway countries about which little is heard, except when something dreadful happens. Much has been heard from Cambodia in the last 20 years. In 1970, the country's neutralist government was overthrown in a coup, and Cambodia began lurching from one violent extreme to the next. First a corrupt, right-wing regime backed by the United States fought a civil war with Communist Khmer Rouge guerrillas, who were backed by the North Vietnamese.
November 18, 1988 | From Reuters
A Soviet official conceded on Thursday that Moscow had made a mistake in believing the Kabul government could gain control of Afghanistan. Yevgeny M. Primakov said the Kremlin, whose forces have backed the Kabul regime since 1979, now wants a coalition Afghan government composed of all factions including the ruling People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan.
May 3, 1989 | From Associated Press
The seven-year government of Dutch Premier Ruud Lubbers fell Tuesday after the junior partner in the center-right coalition Cabinet clashed over a plan to clean up the heavily polluted environment. Lubbers, a Christian Democrat, announced the resignation of his Cabinet at the end of a parliamentary debate on the $3.65 billion plan. The program came under heavy fire from the right-wing People's Party for Freedom and Democracy, the junior partner in the coalition government since 1982.
April 12, 2001 | From Times Wire Reports
Deputy Interior Minister Khabib Sanginov, an opposition representative in Tajikistan's coalition government, was killed in a daylight machine-gun attack. Three gunmen in sweatsuits sprayed Sanginov's car with AK-47 fire as he rode through a suburb of the capital, Dushanbe, about 8 a.m., the Interior Ministry said. Sanginov's driver and two bodyguards also were killed.
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