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Cod Liver Oil

February 23, 1986 | S. J. JONGEWARD DVM
Q: My dog, CoCo, had scratched his skin for 11 years. Three years ago, I started giving him one tablespoon of salad oil in his main meal. I also give him two crushed alfalfa tablets each day. Since then, he hasn't scratched, and he has developed a beautiful coat.--C.M. A: Fat has a variety of functions in an animal's body. In general, a fat deficiency can result in scaly skin, a dry coat, increased susceptibility to skin infections, reduced reproductive efficiency and defective growth.
November 21, 2011 | By Karen Ravn, Special to the Los Angeles Times
The traditional diet in Greece is different from the traditional diet in France is different from the traditional diet in Spain. And while all of these diets are considered Mediterranean, it stands to reason that they don't all provide equal health benefits. So which Mediterranean diet is best? Dr. Artemis Simopoulos, president of the nonprofit Center for Genetics, Nutrition and Health in Washington, D.C., thinks it's the one followed in Greece before 1960. Laying out her case in a 2001 paper, she pointed to the Seven Countries Study, which found that Greece — and specifically the island of Crete — had the lowest heart disease and cancer rates of all seven countries in the study, including Italy.
January 18, 1987 | ANN JAPENGA, Times Staff Writer
They say I'm a dust bowl refugee They say I'm a dust bowl refugee They say I'm a dust bowl refugee And I ainta gonna be treated this a way. --Woody Guthrie, "Goin' Down This Old Dusty Road." Bouncing west in the rumble seat of a Model-A Ford, 8-year-old Carlton Faulconer had reason to be a hopeful boy. The family farm in Oklahoma had dried up due to drought; Carlton was hungry as a result.
March 18, 1995 | ROBERT KOEHLER
You can't help feel the sorrow rushing through the HBO "America Undercover" film "5 American Handguns--5 American Kids." You can't help share the outrage of the parents facing filmmakers Vince DiPersio's and William Guttentag's camera, most of whom have lost a child to a mishandled handgun. You can't help feel indignation when an FBI statistic appears at the end of the film stating that of 24,000 handgun victims annually, less than 650 are considered justifiable homicides.
January 3, 2011 | By Joe Graedon and Theresa Graedon, Special to the Los Angeles Times
Do you know of any home remedies for help in relieving symptoms of eczema? When humidity is low, my skin condition is aggravated something awful. This time of year is rough on skin conditions such as eczema or dry skin. Some readers report that old-fashioned Noxzema skin cream can ease symptoms. Another moisturizer, CeraVe, also has supporters. One reader has had success by putting Pepto-Bismol on the itchy patches. Oral supplements also can be helpful. Cod liver oil and brewer's yeast have provided some people with good results; others use probiotics as well as fatty-acid supplements such as borage oil or hempseed oil. Oolong tea has been tested scientifically and found to be effective in treating eczema, according to a 2001 report in Archives of Dermatology.
January 30, 2006 | Janet Cromley, Times Staff Writer
EAT your fatty fish and hang on, if you wish, to that bottle of tasty fish oil -- but don't expect them to protect you from cancer. A new study says that foods and supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids do not offer such protection, dashing some earlier hints that they might.
February 10, 1995 | SCOTT COLLINS
ED is the name of a young comedy troupe that hails from Chicago, the town that practically invented comic improvisation with such groups as The Second City and The Compass. The producers have labeled ED's approach "radical" because, unlike many improv groups that ad-lib from rehearsed routines, this cast totally improvises every performance.
No writer likes to write a story that stinks. Until now. "This story really stinks," my editor said. "Thanks," I said. "It's supposed to." What we're talking about here is not a stinking story in the literary sense, rather one in the olfactory sense. Stink baits. No catfish in its right mind and clear nasal passage can resist the putrid aroma of a good stink bait. Last year, I tried to write a stinking story, but no one wanted to share their recipes.
September 26, 2005 | Elena Conis
Vitamin D -- the fat-soluble vitamin that's technically a hormone -- is crucial for good bone health. Manufactured in the skin with the help of the sun's ultraviolet B rays, the vitamin regulates absorption and excretion of calcium. Because it's found in very few foods (fatty fish and cod liver oil are on the short list), most Americans, particularly the sun-deprived, get the vitamin from fortified milk and cereal products.
August 20, 2000
As director of orchestras at Saddleback College and director of instrumental music at Los Amigos High School, I can say with some certainty that Mark Swed's "Made in America, but Rarely Played Here" (Aug. 13) misses the mark by a long shot. While it is true that professional orchestras (who have to survive on ticket sales) primarily program music from the rich European tradition of the past 500 years, there are many other performing groups (in greater abundance) that give equal if not greater attention to "American" music of the past 100 years.
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