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March 6, 2014 | By Eric Pincus
On Thursday, the NBA sent out a memo to the Lakers, urging players to adhere to the league's dress code, especially when they arrive at arenas on game days. The mandatory dress code, implemented in 2005, requires players to wear at least a jacket while shunning jeans, hats, T-shirts and the like. One player who stuck with the dress code Thursday night before the Lakers hosted the Clippers was Nick Young, in typically stylish manner. Young, who goes by the nickname "Swaggy P," wore a bright blue suit to Staples Center with sparkling white shoes and no socks.
February 14, 1992
It was refreshing to read about Mahony's proposal of an improved code for filmmaking. I admire his courage in coming out on this great need. Next day comes the wails of criticism from the writers and filmmakers' organization. Of course the only excuses they can offer for their low-grade output are "freedom of expression" and that it sells. Therefore the sponsors and viewers must share the blame. DOROTHY AXTELL Los Angeles
December 11, 1996
Letters (Dec. 6) about the pending 818 area code split show there is confusion about Pacific Bell's role in the administration of telephone numbers in California. Evaluating relief options for rapidly exhausting area codes is a process that involves the entire telecommunications industry--not Pacific Bell exclusively. As many as 25 local and long distance carriers, and cellular, paging and cable television providers meet at the planning table. In selecting a final area code relief plan, each company has one vote.
May 25, 1991
In voting down the proposed speech code that would forbid discriminatory language at CSUN, the faculty neglected to consider the educational aspect of the code. Racism and bigotry are common in far too many homes. Children carry these attitudes, with the language that reflects them, to school and into adulthood and college. Colleges can and should be the place where racists and bigots are taught that society does not tolerate discriminatory language. It was not too many years ago that conservatives attacked free speech by quoting Justice (Oliver Wendell)
February 4, 2007
Regarding the Jan. 28 Ask the Inspector response in "Older Electrical Outlets Were a Jolt": I don't think that two-prong outlets are a defect that must be listed by a home inspector. In a 50-year-old home the outlets are ground-available, just much more inconveniently. If one purchases the (usually gray) adapter to plug a three-prong cord into a two-prong outlet, that little green tab is to be screwed into the same metal screw that holds the outlet cover on. This completes the grounding as long as the outlet body is screwed into the metal box, which is most likely grounded.
October 15, 2013 | By Chris Foster
The Lakers enjoy an enormous fan base that extends from coast to coast, with Hawaii and Alaska and China thrown in. But team officials would certainly like to avoid this type of national recognition. A story about the rise in the use of Phencyclidine, or PCP, on , says that the numbers for Lakers and ex-Lakers are code words by dealers nationally. “It's sold using basketball names for the amount wanted,” Los Angeles Police Department narcotics Det. Frank Lyga said in the story.
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