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Columbia Records

March 10, 1995 | DON HECKMAN
This is not easy music to hear. Let's be very clear about that. Only rarely does it venture into the combination of improvisation and propulsive rhythm that represents, for most listeners, the bare essential of jazz. More often, it rambles, sometimes with seeming chaos, through unusual textures blending accordions, tubas, a French horn and assorted other musical exotica. So, if you're looking for familiar jazz sounds, stay away from this one.
November 16, 1994 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Columbia Records Starting a West Coast Label: The company said the new label--which is yet to be named--will be headed by the former Virgin Records team of Jeff Ayeroff and Jordan Harris and will be based at Sony Music's Santa Monica complex. Ayeroff and Harris were co-chairmen of Virgin Records America through 1993. They will report to Don Ienner, chairman of Columbia Records Group. The staff of Columbia's Chaos Records will be incorporated into the company.
April 25, 1993 | Steve Hochman
We've come to expect fund-raising tribute albums featuring a variety of acts spotlighting the music of such cultural icons as Elvis Presley and the Beatles. But the latest such effort, with contributions from Pearl Jam, Lou Reed, Soul Asylum and the Waterboys, among others, salutes the music of a Los Angeles singer-songwriter who has never risen above cult status.
With an 11-ton space laboratory snuggled in its cargo bay, the space shuttle Columbia made a picture-perfect landing in Florida early Thursday, concluding a 14-day research mission that made it the longest flight in the history of the shuttle program. The orbiter was diverted from a planned morning landing at Edwards Air Force Base, north of Los Angeles, by light rain spun out of tropical storm Darby.
April 26, 1992
Sutro refers to Dorothy Donegan as "the only living artist with a recording on Rosetta." I would like to inform him that I and most of the International Sweethearts of Rhythm are also alive and, in some instances, still blowing our horns. Rosetta Reitz produced a beautifully packaged album of our air checks from the 1940s, but it should be noted that this project could not have been completed without the cooperation and input of the Sweethearts. All the information for her liner notes came as a result of lengthy interviews with several of us, plus we contributed the pictures for the album.
March 8, 1992
In his profile of Little Village ("Hey, Let's Start a Band," Feb. 23), Chris Willman is correct to remind us and Ry Cooder that he was in the Rising Sons. But the Jesse in the band wasn't Davis. It was Jesse Lee Kincaid, along with Gary Marker and Kevin Kelley. As the A&R person who signed them to Columbia Records, I thought their fusion of blues, folk and rock was unique. BILLY JAMES Echo Park
How's this for a show-biz marketing riddle: How will Columbia Records get paid for 100,000 to 300,000 copies of its new "Gladiator" soundtrack without selling a single one? The answer says a lot about Hollywood's increasingly high-stakes marketing climate. In an experiment designed to boost its opening weekend blitz for "Gladiator," a new street-boxing drama, Columbia Pictures is giving away free copies of the soundtrack to fans who see the film today, its first day in theaters.
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