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Columbus Day

October 10, 2004 | From Associated Press
More than 200 sign-waving and chanting protesters were arrested Saturday after blocking a Columbus Day parade for more than an hour. Police said they began making arrests after ordering the group of about 600 protesters to leave when the parade was about a block away. The 230 protesters who were arrested were charged with loitering and disobedience of a lawful order. There were no reports of violence or injuries.
October 23, 2003 | Paul Brownfield, Times Staff Writer
This week, we officially pay attention to a building, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, designed by Frank Gehry. I am all for paying attention to buildings. In fact, if I were mayor (I'm not saying I will be, I'm just saying my opponent's arrogance is somewhat astounding), I would pick out a Tuesday and declare it Pay Attention to a Building Day. It would probably be scheduled sometime between Columbus Day and St. Patrick's Day.
October 12, 2003 | Kirkpatrick Sale
On this Columbus Day, 511 years after the explorer arrived in the New World, it's time for Spain to start paying back some portion of the trillions of dollars in gold that it took from the Americas after the Taino Indians allowed Christoper Columbus to discover them. In order not to seem punitive, I am not suggesting that Spain pay it all back. In fact, it might just start by returning the equivalent of a single year's take, with interest, of course.
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