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November 22, 1998
Where did you put Bookshelf? I can't find the column on mystery books that had been appearing every other Sunday. ANNE KOTZ Pasadena Bookshelf has moved to the Wednesday editions of Southern California Living.
September 11, 1999
I used to think that the only two groups of people who desperately wanted a professional football team in Los Angeles, no matter what it cost the taxpayers, were fools and sportswriters. After reading Randy Harvey's column Thursday, I now know that those two groups are one and the same. DAVID ALLSPAW Valley Village
March 28, 1999
I wish to air my objections to the sleazy Irene Lacher column on Dick Morris ("Dick Morris on Affairs of State," March 3). It was full of unsubstantiated allegations and opinions, including some particularly disgusting rumors, rumors better left unreported, about Hillary Clinton. The Times sank to the level of all the other newspapers in reporting the Clinton scandals but this column explores new depth. What has happened to The Times of integrity I used to know? EMILY BENDER Seal Beach
September 30, 1989
In his column about Michael Chang, Jim Murray remarks that "the world might start liking Americans." A good place to start would be to quit being provincial and start being gracious when someone other than an American wins an international tennis tournament, even if it is held in the United States. Maybe we should quit inviting foreigners if they are actually going to win. CHARLOTTE ASHBY, Los Angeles
March 4, 1989
I am shocked and amazed at the senselessness and duplicity of Mike Downey's "Having a Field Day" column. It had absolutely nothing to do with the world of sports; and was a self-serving and misguided attempt at satire, fueled in large part by the womanizing of two politicians and a preacher. It simply failed to make any point whatsoever, except to disparage women and to demonstrate Downey's lack of creativity and reliance on tired sexual innuendo. All this from a writer who criticized the swimsuit edition as having no place in sports.
February 25, 1990
Roger Simon's Feb. 4 column ("Some Notes for Audiences on the Fine Art of Criticizing Artists") embodied some unfortunately common feelings of nonartists observing modern art--a lack of confidence in knowing what one likes and a lack of the vocabulary to share what one sees. The tone of his article reinforced the inferior feelings that untrained observers are conditioned to feel around art they don't immediately understand. There is no faux pas in asking a painter, "Why is this part of your piece this way?"
May 28, 1995
Woodland Hills Neighborhood Watch block-captain meetings are attended by public-spirited citizens of our community who are really making this place a better place to live, and we are proud of it. And Councilwoman Laura Chick's presence this month was a great boost, honor and benefit. It was unfortunate that Scott Harris' column "We Don't Need Guns To Be Safe--Or Do We" (May 11) dwelt on everything but what we are trying to do. Maybe if Mr. Harris lived in our community he would join us in our challenge, instead of referring to it as "humdrum."
March 3, 1990
Frequently I find (Joseph Bell's) columns to be the most satisfactory in our entire Orange County Times. Considering that I do check most of the editorial and opinion pieces quite carefully I intend this to be a sincere compliment to (Bell). (The Feb. 10) column on our soft-spoken congressman (Rep. Robert K. Dornan) brought me great pleasure. You have a talent for stating facts gently yet forcefully. The column after your visit to Jimmy Carter's church was another that remains in my memory as well as my collection.
October 10, 1998
The first thought I had while reading J.A. Adande's column, "Color Scheme Is a Bit Distorted (Friday, Oct. 2)," was that it ran in the wrong section of the newspaper. Mr. Adande is a sports columnist, but this was not a sports column. My second thought was this--someone should tell Mr. Adande that the best person, whether white, black, yellow or purple, should be admitted to a college or get that key job opportunity. They should not be given preferential treatment just because they happen to be white, black, yellow or purple.
March 10, 1991
Re Dana Parsons' column "Primary Offers Chance to End Dannemeyer's Career": I'll vote for that! JEAN ABLOTT, Orange
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