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Finally, a winning finish. It may have been a wavering one against a non-playoff team playing its second game in two nights, but the Clippers managed to stagger across the finish line into the win column with a 93-90 victory against Minnesota on Monday at Staples Center. Easy? Of course not. Would you expect anything else the way things have gone for the Clippers this last week or year(s)? They were up by 13 points against the Timberwolves early in the third quarter and let the lead shrivel and watched it eventually disappear by the opening seconds of the fourth, but they hung on. What stopped the bleeding, among other things, was the continued excellence of center Chris Kaman, who was 10 for 15 from the field, with 25 points and 11 rebounds.
August 3, 2011 | By Robyn Dixon, Los Angeles Times
Hate speech or free speech? A South African newspaper columnist was fired Tuesday for writing that an editor at another publication was a "black snake in the grass" working for white masters and probably would have been burned as punishment during the struggle against apartheid. The editor of the City Press, Ferial Haffajee, published an article last week detailing alleged corruption by Julius Malema, the polarizing youth wing leader of the ruling African National Congress.
July 30, 1988
I have only one thing to say about Mike Downey's column (July 27), "Take Me Out to the Old Brawlgame." Amen. PETER HILST Canyon Country
April 26, 1986
I can't decide which infuriated and stunned me more--the outrageous decision in the Spinks-Holmes fight or the absurd column by Mike Downey. How could anyone believe that Spinks won that fight? Just for the record, I stuck Mr. Downey's column where the sun don't shine--my trash can. STEVE TORRENS Garden Grove
February 11, 1995
I cannot understand why there has not been a word about Jim Murray's condition. I miss his column and would like to know when he will be back. GRACE JABLOW Palm Springs Editor's note: Jim Murray continues to recover, as was previously reported, and is expected back and writing for the editions of Feb. 16.
November 22, 1998
Where did you put Bookshelf? I can't find the column on mystery books that had been appearing every other Sunday. ANNE KOTZ Pasadena Bookshelf has moved to the Wednesday editions of Southern California Living.
September 11, 1999
I used to think that the only two groups of people who desperately wanted a professional football team in Los Angeles, no matter what it cost the taxpayers, were fools and sportswriters. After reading Randy Harvey's column Thursday, I now know that those two groups are one and the same. DAVID ALLSPAW Valley Village
March 28, 1999
I wish to air my objections to the sleazy Irene Lacher column on Dick Morris ("Dick Morris on Affairs of State," March 3). It was full of unsubstantiated allegations and opinions, including some particularly disgusting rumors, rumors better left unreported, about Hillary Clinton. The Times sank to the level of all the other newspapers in reporting the Clinton scandals but this column explores new depth. What has happened to The Times of integrity I used to know? EMILY BENDER Seal Beach
September 30, 1989
In his column about Michael Chang, Jim Murray remarks that "the world might start liking Americans." A good place to start would be to quit being provincial and start being gracious when someone other than an American wins an international tennis tournament, even if it is held in the United States. Maybe we should quit inviting foreigners if they are actually going to win. CHARLOTTE ASHBY, Los Angeles
March 4, 1989
I am shocked and amazed at the senselessness and duplicity of Mike Downey's "Having a Field Day" column. It had absolutely nothing to do with the world of sports; and was a self-serving and misguided attempt at satire, fueled in large part by the womanizing of two politicians and a preacher. It simply failed to make any point whatsoever, except to disparage women and to demonstrate Downey's lack of creativity and reliance on tired sexual innuendo. All this from a writer who criticized the swimsuit edition as having no place in sports.
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