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The U.S. economy, it would seem at first glance, is doing just fine. Communist governments topple across Eastern Europe. The Soviet economy--once an ambitious U.S. rival--combats chaos. By contrast, most Americans' worries seem trivial: a spurt of inflation, a bout of unemployment, a drop in sales. All in all, "the U.S. is probably the richest country that ever was--by a long shot," declares John H. Makin, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington.
January 10, 2009 | My-Thuan Tran
It's an image rarely seen in Little Saigon: the red flag of Vietnam. The last time the communist flag was displayed prominently in Orange County's Vietnamese enclave -- when a merchant displayed the banner -- it ignited 53 days of angry street protests. Today, an exhibit commissioned by a Vietnamese American arts group will open in Santa Ana, a display that purposely includes communist symbols, the flag of the fallen country of South Vietnam and artwork that has been banned in Vietnam.
For anyone familiar with the purr and comfort of a Western-style automobile, the east German Trabant had little to offer. It was small, ugly, slow, obsolete, uneconomical, unsafe, uncomfortable and such a polluter that it quickly earned the nickname "Little Stinker" in the West. The Trabant--or "Trabi," as it became known--may have survived in the heavily protected environs of Communist Eastern Europe, but in a free market, it was simply uncompetitive.
March 10, 1992
I am glad that communism is finally dead in the former Soviet Union. Stalin's horrible and senseless torture of people and society was the worst action taken against mankind after Hitler's Holocaust of the Jews. This unnecessary brutality should have been stopped from the very beginning. Thank you for being the principal figure in stopping communism, Mr. Gorbachev. Now maybe the world will be a more peaceful place for everyone. BRIAN OPRE, Northridge
September 4, 1994
Martin Bernheimer seems to find Leonard Bernstein's close-to-40-year romance with communism sort of, well . . . cute ("Lenny the Red Menace," Aug. 21). He writes, of Bernstein: "A possible Commie. Yikes." Communism a laugh ? Who knew? But let's get serious here. Forget 73 years of murdering, enslaving, ignoring human rights, even threatening to "bury" us, and cut to what Bernheimer believes is the real horror: that under the direction of four decades of attorneys general, the FBI was ordered to keep track of Bernstein's activities.
February 16, 1992
I'm getting a little tired of reading how the hard-core "rightists" are attempting to subvert the Soviet Union's breakup ("Slouching Toward Chaos," by Robert Cullen, Jan. 12). It is intellectual dishonesty to label as rightists those who wish to return the Soviet Union to communism. The former Soviet Union is moving slowly toward democracy, meaning that it is moving to the right, since communism is the ultimate expression of leftist ideas in practice. Therefore, someone who wishes to return Russia to communism is a hard-core leftist.
July 20, 1988 | GEORGE SKELTON, Times Staff Writer
The New York labor leader pledged to Michael S. Dukakis and the Baltimore professor who supports the Rev. Jesse Jackson both agreed: If Nicaragua or any other country wants to be communist and pro-Russian, that's its business. "It may be a problem for the United States, but it's self-determination," said Salema Siler Marriott, 47, who coordinates the mental health program at Morgan State University and is a black Jackson delegate at the Democratic National Convention.
May 6, 1990 | United Press International
It has been a bad year for Communists, but there were no tears Saturday as the diminished ranks of the socialist fraternity paid respects to Karl Marx, commemorating his 172nd birthday. Delegations from China, Mongolia and East Germany made a pilgrimage to the London cemetery where the father of communism is buried, bringing flowers and their versions of the kinder, gentler communism of the 1990s. "It (Marxism) is not dead.
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