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September 14, 2006 | Daniel Sokatch, DANIEL SOKATCH is executive director of the Los Angeles-based Progressive Jewish Alliance.
MOMENTS AFTER I heard about the shootings at the Seattle Jewish Federation building earlier this summer, my phone rang. It was Salam Al-Marayati, the executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, calling to express his profound sorrow and anger over this attack by a Muslim on the Jewish community.
September 4, 1995 | FRANK del OLMO, Frank del Olmo is assistant to the editor of The Times and a regular columnist
I should probably thank Mark Fuhrman for helping me prove a point about the Los Angeles Police Department that I tried to make a few weeks back. But I am too sick at heart, both for this city and for the many good Los Angeles cops that Fuhrman maligned in the hateful audio tapes that have become the latest sensational twist in the O.J. Simpson murder trial. You read that right: many good Los Angeles cops.
Some Muslims protest that proposed textbooks depict Islam as a camel while other cultures are personified as kings and warriors. A number of Jews worry that authors swallow the Resurrection as fact while questioning the historical basis for the Jewish Exodus from Egypt. Some Korean-Americans note that there is no mention of the large Korean-American community--250,000 in Los Angeles County alone.
June 12, 1995
Charles A. Kupchan's recommendations for graduated escalation in Bosnia make sense ("Reckoning Time in Bosnia," Opinion, June 4). They don't put U.S. troops on the ground but they do punish the Serbs. The way he frames the issue makes it less likely his recommendations will be carried out. He says, "The downing of a U.S. aircraft forces the Clinton Administration to take a stand on whether Americans should be prepared to die for Bosnia." Dying for Bosnia isn't the issue at all. Dying for the rule of law is. It's against the law of every civilized nation to take up arms against one's neighbor and deprive him/her of life and land.
September 25, 1995
In the last two weeks the American people and the majority of the world community have apathetically followed the transmogrification of the U.N. peacekeeping mission into a direct military intervention against one party in a civil war. A variety of false reasons, used as a smoke screen for the general public (the first, the explosion at the marketplace in Sarajevo, staged by the Bosnian-Muslim government, a phony and fraudulent pretext) are pushed out of focus. The only veritable objective for NATO's grand-scale terrorist operation--to totally destroy the military potential of the Bosnian Serbs.
March 26, 2009 | Phil Willon and Joel Rubin
Los Angeles City Councilman Herb Wesson called Wednesday for public hearings on whether to rescind the two-term limit for the city's police chief, a change that would allow William J. Bratton to serve as head of the Los Angeles Police Department until 2017. Removing the term limits would require voter approval and revise one aspect of the police reforms that stemmed from the riots after four LAPD officers were initially acquitted of brutality in the 1991 beating of Rodney G. King.
By all indications, Rosario Marin should have taken a beating when she recently ran for a second term on the Huntington Park City Council. After all, Marin had been Gov. Pete Wilson's liaison to the Latino community for the last two years. She was the Spanish voice of an administration that was characterized by many Latino leaders as being anti-immigrant for Wilson's support for Propositions 187 and 227.
May 12, 2007 | Patrick McGreevy and Matt Lait, Times Staff Writers
Allegations of police abuse during the MacArthur Park immigration rally have thrust Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton into a political minefield where he must address concerns about out-of-control cops without alienating his force of 9,500 officers. Public outrage over the violence -- 30 civilians were struck by police officers wielding batons and firing foam projectiles -- occurred just as the Police Commission was poised to reappoint him to a second five-year term.
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