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March 9, 2014 | By Broderick Turner
When: 7:30 p.m. Where: Staples Center. On the air: TV: Prime Ticket; Radio: 980, 1330. Records: Clippers 44-20, Suns 36-26. Record vs. Suns: 1-1. Update: Blake Griffin needs 11 rebounds to reach 3,000 in his career. Griffin would become the third player to reach 6,000 points, 3,000 rebounds, 1,000 assists and shoot at least 50% from the field before the end of his fourth season. The others are Hall of Famers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Charles Barkley.
March 9, 2014 | Liz Weston, Money Talk
Dear Liz: I just received my tax forms from my employer for last year. I was originally a W-2 employee, paid hourly, as a receptionist. But it seems that at some point during the year, my employer changed me to a 1099 employee without telling me or having me fill out paperwork. After researching the characteristics of a 1099 employee, I found I do not qualify at all. I am upset that I will have to pay taxes on this income, since I thought they were being withheld from my pay. Do I have any recourse?
March 9, 2014 | By Christopher Chabris and Jonathan Wai
Laszlo Bock, the head of human resources at Google, made quite a splash with his announcement last year that the technology firm has changed the way it hires people. Gone are the brainteaser-style interview questions that so many candidates abhorred. But also gone, it would seem, is any concern with discovering how smart applicants really are. "GPAs are worthless as a criteria for hiring, and test scores are worthless.... We found that they don't predict anything," Bock told the New York Times.
March 7, 2014 | By Paul Whitefield
Like young bucks at a county fair kissing booth, states are lining up for a chance to court Tesla Motors and its planned $5-billion battery factory. But fair warning, fellas: The intoxicating fragrance of Musk and his money masks a cold business heart. Already a loser in the race for this California girl's affections, though, is, well, California. Oh, sure, we're good enough to design and build the company's eco-luxe Model S. And Californians bought more than one-third of the $70,000-and-up cars last year.
March 6, 2014 | By Jim Puzzanghera
WASHINGTON - Local television stations would face tougher rules prohibiting them from joining together to sell advertising and to negotiate with cable companies under a plan by the nation's top communications regulator. The proposals on joint sales and joint negotiations were unveiled Thursday as the Federal Communications Commission prepared to start another broad review of its media ownership rules. "Collectively, these actions will not only preserve values like competition, diversity and localism, they are simply the right thing to do," FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said.
March 6, 2014 | By Daniel Miller and Julie Makinen
Beijing-based film production company Huayi Brothers Media Corp. plans to invest up to $150 million in a new movie company from Jeff Robinov, the former president of Warner Bros. Pictures Group. The deal would be one of the highest-profile partnerships between Chinese and Hollywood film entities. Robinov departed Warner Bros. in the summer of 2013 after leading Hollywood's biggest movie studio since 2007.  Huayi Brothers said in a statement that it would invest $120 million to $150 million in Robinov's Studio 8, and distribute the company's movies in China.
March 5, 2014 | By David G. Savage
WASHINGTON - Halliburton Co. and other U.S. corporations urged the Supreme Court to reverse a 26-year-old ruling that triggered an avalanche of class-action lawsuits by investors in publicly traded companies. But based on justices' comments Wednesday, it appeared they would fall at least one vote short of a major victory. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justice Anthony M. Kennedy explored the idea of a "midway" ruling that would make it slightly harder, but not impossible, to bring such suits.
March 4, 2014 | By Mary MacVean
Smart Balance says it will change the ingredients in its butter-like spreads to make sure they include no genetically modified organisms. “I've been in the food industry for 35 years. I have never seen a consumer issue come on this fast,” said Stephen Hughes, chairman and chief executive of Boulder Brands, the parent company of Smart Balance. “Forty-three percent of our consumers want to see a non-GMO Smart Balance.” Some of the newly formulated products will be on store shelves in March, with the process completed in early summer.
March 4, 2014 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Facebook is purchasing a New Mexico drone company for $60 million in an effort to bring Internet connectivity to emerging parts of the world, according to multiple reports Tuesday. TechCrunch and CNBC say the Menlo Park, Calif., social network "is in talks" to purchase Titan Aerospace, the maker of solar-powered drones that are capable of staying nearly 12.5 miles in the air for five years without having to land. The reports say Facebook wants to buy the drone company as a way to push forward, an initiative with several other companies to bring Internet connectivity to parts of the world that do not yet have the necessary infrastructure.
March 4, 2014 | By Carolyn Kellogg
Ingram's VitalSource Technologies has acquired CourseSmart, consolidating two of the largest companies providing textbooks as e-books, Publishers Weekly reports . VitalSource's Bookself platform has more than 4 million users on 6,000 campuses worldwide and offers content from 500 of the world's top academic publishers. Ingram estimates it will take 12 to 18 months to fully transition CourseSmart customers to its Bookshelf platform. CourseSmart offers access to e-textbooks of more than 90% of core higher education titles at up to 60% off the cost of print.
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