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March 4, 2014 | By Ricardo Lopez
RadioShack Corp., the struggling electronics retailer, on Tuesday said it might close 1,100 stores - about a fifth of all its outlets - after it reported its eighth straight quarterly loss. The Forth Worth company said it had a net loss of $191.4 million for the fourth quarter - more than triple what it lost a year earlier. Its fourth-quarter revenue slumped 20% to $935.4 million. Like many bricks-and-mortar retailers, RadioShack is struggling to reverse declining foot traffic to its stores and fend off competition from other retailers, including
March 3, 2014 | By Todd Martens
Book U2 frontman Bono for the Grammy Awards and perhaps only a Beatle or a Rolling Stone could upstage him. At the Oscars, however, the rock 'n' roll humanitarian had nothing on a Disney princess. Idina Menzel stole the Dolby Theatre stage Sunday with "Let It Go," the diva belter from Disney's smash "Frozen," which would go on to win the Oscar a few minutes later for original song. "To our fellow nominees, you are all rock stars - literally," said Kristen Anderson-Lopez as she accepted the Oscar with her husband, Robert Lopez.
March 2, 2014 | George Skelton, Capitol Journal
Gov. Jerry Brown enjoys a unique position that no California governor has been in for 68 years. He is a virtual shoo-in for reelection. That gives him an extremely rare opportunity to rise above conventional political rhetoric and open a substantive dialogue with voters about the state's future direction. In a cakewalk, there's little risk of tripping. A California governor hasn't had such an opening since immediately after World War II. In 1946, Republican Earl Warren won both major parties' nominations and was reelected in November with nearly 92% of the vote.
February 24, 2014 | By Matt Pearce
I-N-D-E-F-A-T-I-G-A-B-I-L-I-T-Y. Indefatigability means tireless determination, but these students almost certainly know that. Two spelling bee competitions in the Midwest over the weekend had to be suspended and rescheduled when their brilliant young contestants dueled for hours to a temporary tie, having mastered dozens of bizarre and foreign words at an early age. After more than 60 rounds of the Jackson County Spelling Bee in Missouri and...
February 23, 2014 | Chris Dufresne
SOCHI, Russia -- U.S. media members covering Alpine skiing were in attack mode through five Olympic races. The United States had one medal, Julia Mancuso's unexpected bronze in the women's super combined, headed into the men's super-giant slalom Feb. 16. Patrick Riml, U.S. alpine director, was called upon to answer for the team's slow start. Riml was adamant it was too soon to render a final verdict. FRAMEWORK: Best images from Sochi "The Games aren't over yet, we're halfway through," Riml said.
February 19, 2014 | By Laura E. Davis
If I had landed that double loop, I might remember very little about one of my last performances as a figure skater. It's a jump I had done, in competition and in practice, probably hundreds of times. But on that day, during my last shot at a medal in regionals, I fell. My elbows hit the ice, my chest and neck jolted back and my head soon followed. It's not as bad as it might sound. The French braid on the back of my head acted as a helmet as I knocked the ice. But it wasn't your average tumble -- if you only watch figure skating on TV, you've probably not seen a fall like it. One person told my mom afterward that she didn't think I would get up. Not because I was badly injured, but because it seemed like an appropriate time for me to give up. On my way to the competition in Colorado, I had developed one of the many head colds that plagued me as a teenager.
February 19, 2014 | By Larry Gordon
UC San Diego graduate student Alex Piel is studying the family dynamics and habitats of chimpanzees in Tanzania's savanna. The research requires tracking animals, retrieving fecal samples and then testing to confirm genetic links. It does not come cheap. So after tapping traditional funding help from UC and other sources, Piel and Fiona Stewart, his wife and collaborator, recently decided to try their luck on the Internet. They posted a description of their project and an appeal to the public for money on Experiment , an online crowdfunding site devoted to science.
February 17, 2014 | By Lisa Dillman
SOCHI, Russia -- U.S. snowboarder Nate Holland had one inspection run on a foggy day in the mountains with limited visibility on the Olympic course. He got busy trying to think how he would handle it if the competition went forward on Monday. “When I first inspected the course, you think what you're going to do off these features and you can't see anything," Holland said. "You'd have to ride by braille. "I've studied this course and I was confident I'd be able to make it down it. But there's that screwiness factor that [having]
February 17, 2014 | By John Cherwa
SOCHI, Russia - Belarus made it two for two in the freestyle aerials when Anton Kushnir combined a five-twist jump with a near-perfect landing to win the men's competition Monday in the Winter Games. Alla Tsuper won the women's division on Friday. Kushnir finished 24 points ahead of silver medalist David Morris of Australia. Jia Zongyang of China picked up the bronze. The U.S. was not expected to send anyone past qualifying, but Mac Bohonnon moved forward and finished fifth. Curling: It's all over for the U.S. men and women, and it wasn't pretty.
February 16, 2014 | By Greg Braxton
"The Lego Movie" outplayed four high-profile newcomers over the Presidents Day weekend to wind up on top of the box office for the second consecutive week with a dominating $48.8 million, according to three-day estimates by Rentrak. The 3-D animated adventure has collected nearly $130 million in two weeks. With Valentine's Day kicking off the weekend, the box office was especially robust, resulting in the third-best Presidents Day weekend of all time with $177 million. PHOTOS: Images from 'The Lego Movie' Moviegoers showed much love for two new remakes.
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