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Confederate Flag

July 22, 1989
Raskin's proposal that President Bush's constitutional amendment be itself amended to forbid displaying "any flag that symbolizes insurrection and armed rebellion" is completely consistent with the logic of those calling for the flag desecration amendment. The Confederate flag is a symbol of insurrection, treason, slavery, black oppression, Ku Klux Klan terrorism, white supremacy, and the whole collection of idiotic ideas that hide under the dingy label "states rights." If Bush continues to pander to the prejudices and passions of the simplistic minded with his foolish amendment, I urge all black leaders and civil rights defenders to demand punishment of all those who encourage insurrection, glorify treason, and perpetuate racial hatred by displaying the Confederate flag.
July 2, 2000 | From Associated Press
After decades of debate and mounting pressure from an NAACP boycott, South Carolina finally removed the Confederate flag from atop its Statehouse on Saturday in a somber ceremony that paid tribute to its Civil War roots. The flag, seen as a reminder of slavery for some and a tribute to Southern heritage for others, flew atop the Statehouse dome for 38 years.
December 13, 1992 | from Times Wire Services
Alabama's 141-year-old state Capitol was rededicated Saturday after a lengthy restoration, but black legislators boycotted the ceremony to protest the governor's refusal to stop flying the Confederate flag over the building. The legislators were protesting Republican Gov. Guy Hunt's decision to disregard objections by both whites and blacks and continue flying the Confederate battle flag, a symbol of segregation for many people.
February 20, 2000 | From Associated Press
The national NAACP decided Saturday to continue its economic boycott against South Carolina over the state's flying of the Confederate flag atop its capitol. "It is not just a piece of cloth. This is about the dignity of people," Kweisi Mfume, the president of the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People, said at its 91st annual meeting. NAACP leaders also announced plans for a march next month on the Florida Capitol in Tallahassee to protest Gov.
With the whack of a gavel, the Georgia Senate on Tuesday approved a new state flag that minimizes the Confederate battle emblem and brings 45 years of a racially charged controversy to an end. The vote was supposed to be tight. But after Democratic Gov. Roy Barnes won over reluctant conservative lawmakers with a round of promises that included hanging a portrait of Robert E. Lee in the Capitol, the Senate voted, 34 to 22, for the new design.
April 30, 1993 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Newly installed Gov. Jim Folsom banned the Confederate battle flag from the state Capitol dome, a move hailed by black leaders who view it as a racist symbol. Folsom immediately had the U.S. and state flags raised atop the dome and ordered that the Confederate flag be flown across the street from the Capitol at the First White House of the Confederacy. A Montgomery, Ala., judge had ruled that state law permitted only the national and state flags to fly from the dome.
October 4, 1990 | Associated Press
The Confederate battle flag was stolen from its perch atop Alabama's historic Capitol in a pre-dawn theft Wednesday apparently by a man who told a news organization: "The South won't rise again." A new Rebel standard was back in place by 9 a.m. flying below the Stars and Stripes and the Alabama state flag, officials said.
June 30, 2000 | From Associated Press
When South Carolina lowers the Confederate flag Saturday after 38 years atop the Statehouse, it will mark a victory for a loose coalition of churches, colleges, entertainers and businesses that had rallied against the banner. "As far as we're concerned, it brings finality to the issue," said Deb Woolley, spokeswoman for the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, one of the most influential flag opponents.
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