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August 20, 2012 | By James Rainey
The Republican Party has ridden ideological, anti-government fervor to a number of victories, particularly in the 2010 midterm election. But the political dangers created by the free-wheeling, anti-authoritarian movement have come into full view in the person of rogue U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin. Most traditional GOP nominees who made a giant blunder - as Akin did Sunday with his foolish comments about how “legitimate rape” seldom makes women pregnant - would find it hard to resist the barrage of calls from Republican Party major-domos to give up their candidacies.
January 12, 2003
Re "To Solve the State Deficit, Encourage Economic Growth," Jan. 5: How fortunate for all of us in Orange County that we have such a hard-working congressman, such as Christopher Cox, working on our behalf in Washington. He scolds Gov. Gray Davis for raising tax money and using the revenue inappropriately. However, he and the Bush administration are going to fix all of our states' ills by lowering our taxes. And what specific California job creation actions has Cox taken? Where was this congressman when we were being gouged by the out-of-state energy companies?
January 31, 1986 | JENNINGS PARROTT
--"Wow!" It was a shock, really," Douglas Ebding said, adding that he was present during the births of the triplets--all girls. "It was neat." "Oh, it really hasn't hit me yet," Susan Ebding, 19, said, and no fertility drugs were used. She gave birth to twins in March and now, triplets. She recalled how once she and her husband, 20, were so concerned that they might not be able to have children. "We thought we wouldn't have any, and then, all of a sudden, two, then three," she said.
April 8, 1986
The hour of darkness approaches. The Red Tide is running in Latin America. The Soviets have established a beachhead in Managua and their plans for aggression are self-evident to anyone who would care to peruse some satellite photos. Nicaragua is attempting a full mobilization of its population as it progressively wipes out freedom and attempts to build an atheistic state based upon the blasphemies of Karl Marx. What stands between their plans for regional hegemony and its actual fruition?
September 14, 2010 | By Geraldine Baum, Los Angeles Times
It was 7 a.m. a week before the Democratic primary here, and Joyce Johnson already had spent two hours in her chartreuse Volkswagen bug delivering "Joyce Johnson for Congress" leaflets to campaign workers. A passerby peeked in the window and inquired, "Do you know where I can find Joyce Johnson?" "I am Joyce Johnson," she said. Joyce Johnson is not exactly a household name in the 15th Congressional District in northern Manhattan, yet the 62-year-old community activist, who has never won an election, has the unlikely endorsement of the powerful New York Times — and at least a shot at taking down a hero of Harlem and one of the great lions of Congress, Rep. Charles B. Rangel.
March 3, 1986 | KAREN TUMULTY, Times Staff Writer
An Ohio man once wrote California Rep. Bill Lowery (R-San Diego) for information that he figured any Southern California congressman would have readily at hand: what to look for in buying a surfboard. A writer trying to prove the advantages of a meatless diet asked the aid of the oldest congressman--Rep. Claude Pepper (D-Fla.)--in locating a 100-year-old vegetarian. And Democratic Rep. Michael D.
March 28, 1985 | BOB WILLIAMS and GERALD FARIS, This column is by Times staff writers Bob Williams and Gerald Faris and
Mel Levine, the Democratic congressman long associated with West Los Angeles liberal politics, ventured into the South Bay one evening last week for a town hall meeting with the more conservative constituents he picked up in the last two reapportionments.
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