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Construction Workers

December 7, 1997 | MARY MELTON
Estimated cost of construction of the Getty Center: $1 billion Classic Etch-A-Sketches sold in America since construction began in 1989: 7,430,573 Travertine blocks used in construction: 295,000 Ocean freighter voyages from Italy required to deliver travertine: 100 Enameled-aluminum panels: 40,000 Square feet of exterior glass: 164,648 Miles of plumbing and sprinkler piping: 151 Miles of electrical conduit: 339 Miles of stair railings: 5 Linear feet of steel studs: 4.
October 31, 2003 | From Times Wire Reports
About 300 construction workers taking part in a nationwide strike marched through Panama City to demand that the government continue to run the country's social security system. A driver hit a protester, and police said they fired warning shots after protesters attacked them when they tried to help the injured man. Associated Press photographer Kathryn Cook was treated after a bullet grazed her leg. About 20,000 teachers and construction workers participated in the one-day strike.
November 13, 1985 | United Press International
Black construction workers demanding jobs at the Brooklyn Navy Yard battled with police Tuesday, overrunning a police cruiser and hitting officers with pipes, rocks and hammers, injuring 13 officers and 4 civilians, authorities said. Eight members of the Black Economic Survival Group were arrested on a variety of charges including inciting to riot, assault, robbery and disorderly conduct.
May 31, 1987 | Associated Press
Eleven 18th-Century Skeletons, believed to have been English subjects captured by the French, have been discovered in fortifications surrounding Quebec's old quarter. The find by construction workers who were reinforcing the structure brings the number of skeletons uncovered to 37, archeologist Gisele Piedalue said last week.
June 7, 1987 | Associated Press
Metal scaffolding being moved by construction workers toppled and hit a power line, electrocuting two workers and injuring five others, authorities said. The accident Friday at the Argent Square Depot shopping center occurred as the workers were pushing the scaffolding to make way for other construction equipment.
March 14, 2006 | From Times Wire Reports
Construction workers began clearing debris from the site of the World Trade Center towers, the first step in building a permanent memorial to victims of the Sept. 11 attacks. Some victims' families rallied nearby to protest the monument's design, saying the project would destroy a piece of history and dishonor their loved ones. New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said that the design would never satisfy everyone but that it was time to build.
March 12, 2004 | From Times Wire Reports
SACRAMENTO When construction workers unearthed several bones behind the UC Davis Medical Center, they may have solved one of the city's longtime mysteries. The bones could be the key to locating former burial grounds used by the Sacramento County Hospital, now the UC Davis Medical Center. Officials believe the grounds were used as a cemetery for paupers and those with no relatives, dating to the 19th century.
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