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July 18, 2013 | By Jim Puzzanghera and Christi Parsons
WASHINGTON - President Obama's choice for replacing Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke probably comes down to a quiet consensus builder, who would be a historic pick, or one considered brilliant but difficult to work with. Through unprecedented policy moves and public outreach, Bernanke has dramatically expanded the role and the profile of the nation's central bank. But neither he nor the White House have indicated whether he would seek a third term or be renominated. It is widely expected, though, that Bernanke will step down when his current term expires in January.
July 7, 2013 | By Emily Alpert
The pretty little island of Okunoshima is known for two things: It was there that the Japanese military once cooked up chemical weapons, a mission so guarded that the spot did not exist on official World War II-era maps. And it is totally overrun by fluffy bunny rabbits. I ended up in Okunoshima out of love and boredom. My fiance has been living and teaching nearby in the tiny seaside town of Tadanoumi, whose attractions include a 7-Eleven, a FamilyMart and a mom-and-pop tempura spot where my fiance manages to hold conversations about sardine tempura and sacred deer in broken Japanese.
April 20, 2013 | Los Angeles Times
K. R. Kayaram used the long Presidents Day weekend in February to take a road trip to Death Valley National Park. At Zabriskie Point, near the Furnace Creek Visitor Center, Kayaram photographed Manly Beacon, in the foreground at left, against the background of the Panamint Range. The contrasting colors of the eroded landscape against the bare mountains caught his attention, he said. The Palo Alto resident used a Canon EOS Rebel T4i. To submit your photos, visit our reader photo gallery . When you upload your photos, tell us where they were taken and when.
April 19, 2013 | By Broderick Turner, Los Angeles Times
How they match up The Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies face each other in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs for the second consecutive year. Though their styles are different, the teams are evenly matched. Both finished the regular season with 56-26 records. Both were 32-9 at home and 24-17 on the road. While the Clippers like to get out and run, the Grizzlies prefer to grind out possessions at a slower pace. "No question, I expect it to be physical," Chris Paul said.
March 3, 2013 | By James Rainey, Los Angeles Times
Mayoral candidate Kevin James clawed his way into the thick of the race for mayor of Los Angeles, but a harsh TV ad last month turned off twice as many voters as it won over, according to a USC Price/Los Angeles Times online survey. That reaction contrasts strongly with viewers' feelings about more upbeat ads for front-runners Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel, the survey found. The James ad, financed by the independent group Better Way L.A., blames the three sitting politicians running for mayor - City Controller Greuel, Councilman Garcetti and Councilwoman Jan Perry - for the city's "loss of services, crumbling streets" and "bankruptcy.
February 17, 2013 | By David Haugh
Michael Jordan Appreciation Week in America culminates Sunday when the best basketball player in history hits 50, which wasn't this big a deal the first eight times Jordan saw that number next to his name as an NBA star. Except now we are talking years, not points. Only Dean Smith and the calendar could limit Jordan on the court, it seems, and Chicago's enjoyable exercise in nostalgia reminded us just how rare the Air was in our city from 1984 to '98. Every amazing Bulls highlight last week played like a song on the radio that took you back to a time worth reliving.
February 16, 2013 | By Teresa Watanabe and Rebecca Trounson, Los Angeles Times
In more than two decades leading the Los Angeles Archdiocese, Cardinal Roger Mahony headlined immigration rallies, marched for worker rights and made national news by announcing he would defy a congressional bill he regarded as anti-immigrant. But the man who replaced him in 2011 - Archbishop Jose Gomez - has shied away from such attention-getting actions. Instead, he plans to take 60 conservative Catholic business leaders on a spiritual pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City this fall in hopes of winning them over on immigration reform.
December 23, 2012 | By Holly Myers
In a sunny, wood-paneled, south-facing room on the second floor of the Huntington Art Gallery, visitors who've come to peruse the Flemish Madonnas and Constable landscapes, the cases of stately British silver and florid French porcelain, will happen upon something a little unusual over the next couple of months. It's not obvious at first. At the end of a hallway at the top of the staircase, a tall, slender sculpture appears framed in a window. It has a delicate and graceful mien, not dissimilar from those of the 18th century ladies in the portrait gallery downstairs.
December 20, 2012 | By Amy Dawes
"Look upon your work!" In "Skyfall," Javier Bardem as the vengeance-driven villain known as Silva demands this of spy chief M (Judi Dench) and James Bond (Daniel Craig) in a devilish baritone as he twists a dental mouthpiece dripping with saliva out of his jaw, to reveal the rotted tooth or two that remain in his head, while his face caves in and one eye bulges like Quasimodo's. And to think that some of us revere Bardem partly for his continental good looks. "Your work cannot come from your vanity," the actor, recognized last week with a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for the performance, says via phone from London.
December 17, 2012 | By Michael Finnegan, Los Angeles Times
With Los Angeles' mayoral primary less than 12 weeks away, the race is taking on a sharper focus after a weekend skirmish between City Controller Wendy Greuel and a rival who hopes to pull support from her political base among white voters in the San Fernando Valley. Of the eight candidates vying in the March 5th primary, Greuel is one of the best known. Yet one of her least-known adversaries, Republican Kevin James, is posing a potential threat to her quest for a spot in the May 21st runoff.
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