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June 1, 2004 | From Times Wire Reports
The Malaysian government ordered prison guards to stop demonstrating to schoolchildren how they flog convicts after a new program designed to steer youngsters away from crime drew public criticism. Prison officials have toured schools to warn students under 13 about the penalties imposed on criminals, using rattan canes to strike life-sized effigies and showing photographs of wounds suffered by convicts who had been whipped.
October 8, 2002
Re "Lawsuit May Force Change in Prison Ban on Beards," Oct. 7: Why not put the guards in the prison cells and let the convicts run the prisons? I always thought that when convicts went to prison, they lost some of their rights. It's suppose to teach these bad girls and guys a lesson. Now that an appeal for these prisoners is before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the guards better pack it up and get out the beard trimmers for the inmates, for surely this liberal court will grant the inmates' requests, regardless of the safety issues.
October 17, 1988 | United Press International
Four escaped convicts held four sisters hostage for 12 hours Sunday in a tense standoff with police that ended with three of the escapees dead and the other wounded, police said. The four women were rescued unharmed, according to police. Police who forced their way into the house in western Seoul said they found two of the fugitives shot to death in a locked room. A third fugitive, who shot himself, died later. The fourth suffered minor injuries, police said.
February 10, 2013 | By Tom Kington, Los Angeles Times
ROME - "For our next play, it's either Xenophon, Aristophanes or 17th century French comedy - and I would like some opinions," said the director to his troupe. The actors sitting around a theater in Rome had just settled in to discuss future projects - and to mull over how the last production they participated in became a film that had narrowly missed out on being an Oscar nominee. Keeping an eye on proceedings was a guard, since every performer was a convicted mobster or drug trafficker and the theater was in Rome's high-security Rebibbia prison.
January 17, 1991 | MICHAEL WILMINGTON
The ads for "Hangfire" (selected theaters) suggest, somewhat irrelevantly, "Sadam Hussein, Look Out!" Since this film has nothing whatever to do with Iraq or the Kuwait invasion, the reference seems somewhat obscure--unless, perhaps, Hussein is being warned not to watch the movie. This seems unfair. Why should Americans be the only ones to suffer through it? "Hangfire" is a badly executed, feebly transplanted pseudo-Western.
April 11, 1989
Police stormed a prison in central Brazil, rescuing about 150 hostages at a cost of at least 10 lives. Officials said the victims were six convicts and two police officers. At least 20 officers and prisoners suffered injuries, authorities said. Most of the hostages were relatives of prisoners seized by about 250 mutinous convicts who overpowered guards as prison visiting hours were ending Sunday. A spokesman for the state government said the rescue operation was carried out by 300 heavily armed officers who "entered firing after negotiations failed."
October 19, 2000
City Councilman Mike Feuer said Wednesday that he would ask the City Council to require fingerprinting for anyone applying to buy a gun. No date is set for the proposal to be reviewed but Feuer said he expects strong support from law enforcement. If put into law, the councilman's proposal would require gun buyers to leave a thumbprint in addition to showing proper identification and filling out a form, he said.
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