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Conway Collis

October 31, 1989 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Insurance companies should be forced to disclose the fine print in earthquake policies, State Board of Equalization member Conway Collis said. He accused some companies of "fraudulent" marketing practices. Collis, a candidate in next year's election for state insurance commissioner, said insurers have not been telling consumers that the usual 10% deductible in most earthquake insurance policies applies to the value of the property--not the damage or the property's original cost.
September 7, 1989 | From Times Wire Services
Supporters of Proposition 103 said they are filing suit today against Insurance Commissioner Roxani Gillespie to force her to abide by statutory provisions of the insurance reform measure. The suit was being filed in Sacramento Superior Court on behalf of Voter Revolt, the group that campaigned for the proposition, the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP and a group called the Prop. 103 Insurance Action Commission Intervention Team.
March 9, 1988
Conway Collis--the State Board of Equalization member who was primarily responsible for enacting a statute barring members of private clubs that discriminate in their membership by excluding women or minorities from taking business deductions for club expenses on their state tax returns beginning this year--released a survey alleging that several clubs fall under the rule.
April 27, 1990 | Kenneth Reich, Elements of the ads, with an analysis by Times staff writer Kenneth Reich
The race: Insurance Commissioner. Whose ads? Democratic candidates Conway Collis and Bill Press. Collis has a 30-second commercial and Press three 10-second commercials. Each candidate is trying to get across the same point: That he is the candidate that the insurance companies fear the most. Collis' ad will start airing today in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. The buy in the first week is $35,000, according to the Collis campaign, but may be supplemented later.
Opening what is expected to be a sustained attack by several candidates against Democratic state Sen. John Garamendi's bid for state insurance commissioner, one of Garamendi's rivals accused him Thursday of voting with insurers instead of consumers on 10 different legislative bills over a 12-year period.
August 9, 1989
Atty. Gen. John K. Van de Kamp, expressing concern that Insurance Commissioner Roxani Gillespie is not moving in many cases to compel insurance companies to give rate rollbacks under Proposition 103, on Tuesday said he has filed petitions with her demanding rollback hearings for 284 of the 445 companies that are seeking exemptions. Van de Kamp said that generally he is asking hearings for any company doing more than $20 million in business annually in California.
July 3, 1987 | From a Times Staff Writer
In the latest attack on private men's clubs, two state assemblymen, women lawyers groups and a public interest law firm called on the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission to revoke the liquor license of the Bohemian Club, attorneys involved in the effort said Thursday. A commission decision to revoke the club's license for excluding new members on the basis of race or sex would be the first such move against a private men's club.
May 6, 1987 | From a Times Staff Writer
In an effort to help aliens seeking amnesty under the new immigration law, the state Franchise Tax Board voted Tuesday to issue "residency certifications" to those who have paid state taxes. "This is an area in which we have special responsibility because of the large number of people expected to apply for the amnesty program in California," said Conway Collis, a member of the board.
October 22, 1987 | AL DELUGACH, Times Staff Writer
The California Board of Equalization on Wednesday approved the updating of state sales tax regulations to provide an estimated $10 million in relief to firms that provide certain creative services to Hollywood studios. Board Chairman Conway Collis said the changes, voted unanimously, should help staunch the flow of these service firms out of the state to avoid the sales tax.
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