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Cook County

August 20, 1989 | From Associated Press
Cook County Sheriff James O'Grady on Saturday pressed for the firing of two of his officers as a newspaper reported allegations that the department had suppressed investigations of mob murders and internal corruption for years. The two officers, who are accused of robbing a drug dealer, were suspended Friday after reporters sought comment from O'Grady for an article on the alleged corruption published in early Sunday editions of the Chicago Tribune.
October 5, 2012 | By Betty Hallock
Cooks County's Oktoberfest: Each Monday in October, Cooks County offers traditional German dishes paired with a featured beer or wine. On Oct. 8, Schnitzel Time! : rye pretzels with mustard, wiener schnitzel, potato salad, Stiegl Gold beer. On Oct. 15, Oktoberfest, Bavarian Style! : big Bavarian pretzel, house-made weisswurst and apfelspaetzle, Allagash Curieux beer. On Oct. 22, Pot Roast, the Germany Way! : buttery pretzels, sauerbraten with roasted root vegetables, Chouffe beer.
Pathologist Robert Stein has been a doctor of death for Cook County for 36 years. He was on the job when Richard Speck killed eight student nurses in 1966; he was there when 29 bodies were found at John Wayne Gacy's home in 1978, and when a jetliner crashed in Chicago in 1979, killing 273 people. It was Stein who alerted the world in 1982 that a killer was lacing Extra-Strength Tylenol capsules with cyanide. But last month, Stein performed his last autopsy as medical examiner.
March 24, 2012
Cooks County Daniel Mattern and Roxana Jullapat: This week's farmers market, on a plate; pan-Mediterranean cooking sunny as an L.A. afternoon. Location: 8009 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, (323) 653-8009, Prices: Dinner appetizers, $8-$13; main courses, $16-26; desserts, $9-$10. Details: Open 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Mondays to Fridays, 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. Mondays to Thursdays, 6 p.m. to midnight Fridays and Saturdays; 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays for brunch, and 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sundays.
July 9, 1985
A Cook County circuit judge accused of accepting thousands of dollars between 1969 and 1983 to fix parking tickets and drunken driving cases refused to testify in Chicago and the defense rested its case. The judge, Richard F. LeFevour, 54, is the highest ranking judge to be indicted in the federal Operation Greylord investigation of corruption in Cook County courts.
October 8, 1988 | From a Times Staff Writer
Threatened with a strike by its nurses, Cook County Hospital, metropolitan Chicago's primary medical facility for the poor, virtually closed its emergency room to serious cases Friday, canceled elective surgery and began transfering babies to other hospitals. But after a day of negotiations, both sides announced a tentative settlement, and a vote was scheduled for Tuesday. A spokesman for the hospital's 1,500 nurses said a yes vote would be recommended.
Cook County's Republican Party chairman was engulfed in a firestorm of controversy on Wednesday after federal prosecutors disclosed a tape recording of an alleged mob boss who boasted that he paid $10,000 monthly bribes to the GOP official when he served as Cook County undersheriff. James Dvorak, backed as county GOP chairman two years ago by Illinois Gov. James R. Thompson, declared his innocence Wednesday and defied party leaders who called for his resignation after the U.S.
August 20, 1992
Glidden was addressing the issue of small communities having adequate representation in the governmental bodies that are imposed on them. I suggest that it is not necessary to create new governments. Compare the situation in Los Angeles with the situation in Chicago and Cook County: -- City of Los Angeles, approximately 3.5 million; 15 council members. City of Chicago, approximately 2.7 million; 50 aldermen. -- Los Angeles County, approximately 9 million; five supervisors.
May 1, 1989
An American man who served 18 years in a Mexican prison was released at the border Sunday, only to be jailed again in San Diego because of outstanding arrest warrants in other states. Henry Kenneth Wangrow, 59, was convicted of murder and narcotics violations in Mexico and spent the last 18 years in a Mexican prison, San Diego police spokesman Bill Robinson said. Shortly before 6 a.m. Sunday, Mexican authorities notified the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service that they had released Wangrow from prison and intended to deport him via the San Ysidro Port of Entry, Robinson said.
March 23, 2012 | By Jonathan Gold, Los Angeles Times Restaurant Critic
We all understand what a modernist restaurant is in 2012, from the reverse encapsulations, to the liquid nitrogen, to the skinless chicken breasts as soft as butter. We have been well-versed in the future, even if most of us have never tasted that kind of food. But in California, where the taste of a Cara Cara orange straight from the tree will always eclipse the flashier pleasures made possible by a packet of xanthan gum, the cooking in a contemporary restaurant is often based on something else entirely: seasonal, well-sourced produce presented in a way that lets its virtues shine through undisturbed.
March 20, 2012 | By David Kidwell
A slight blade misalignment in a ballot printing machine stirred up an election day problem Tuesday for a smattering of officials throughout Illinois who reported that as many as several thousand ballots were slightly too wide to fit in the counting machines. Both ballot companies and election supervisors in 25 affected counties worked throughout the morning to fix the problem. By midafternoon they had figured out that ballots from the bottom of the shrink-wrapped stacks were the right size, and that trimming a sliver off thick ballots already filled out was the quickest remedy.
December 19, 2011 | By Jasmine Elist, Los Angeles Times
David Pomes didn't set out to make a movie about crystal meth. The attorney turned first-time feature filmmaker initially wanted to write a story about the people who live their lives on the rugged Texas landscape where he spent his childhood. "Growing up in Texas, I knew people who were resourceful outdoorsmen," said Pomes, 42. "I set out to write about them and their woodsy culture, but I quickly saw that meth is a pervasive problem. Crystal meth has infested that world, more so than in Los Angeles, New York or Chicago.
December 16, 2011
As haunting and captivating as its famed subject, Angelina Maccarone's "Charlotte Rampling: The Look" proves a unique documentary portrait of one of cinema's most quietly enduring talents. Although a linear, anecdotal biopic could easily have been fashioned about the British-born actress — aptly dubbed here "an icon of desire" — Maccarone instead enlists Rampling herself to reflect on her life via naturalistic chats (artfully shot in New York, Paris and London) with friends and collaborators including fashion photographers Peter Lindbergh and Juergen Teller, writer Paul Auster, director-son Barnaby Southcombe and production designer Franckie Diago.
December 16, 2011 | By Gary Goldstein
With his debut feature "Cook County," writer-director David Pomes takes a confident dive into dicey waters to track a grim tale of a crystal meth-addicted family. Unfortunately, strong performances and authentic atmosphere can't quite mask a herky-jerky storyline lacking a distinct center. The action takes place largely around the East Texas flophouse that's both meth lab and home to the film's nominal engine, a mercurial tweaker nicknamed Uncle Bump (Anson Mount, frighteningly good)
June 15, 2011 | By Marissa Cevallos, HealthKey / For the Booster Shots blog
The U.S. simply isn't keeping up with the rest of the developed world in life expectancy, new research revealed this week. And women in particular are backsliding, a trend attributed in part to obesity and smoking. But the devil is in the details. Some counties are keeping pace, while others have life expectancies similar to those of Honduras and El Salvador (i.e., not great). Between 2000 and 2007, more than 80% of U.S. counties have slipped in standing against what researchers term the international frontier: the life expectancy of the 10 nations with the lowest mortality.
August 8, 2005 | From Associated Press
For the most chances to get a job, consider working in Los Angeles. But if you want to earn a high wage, try New York City. A new U.S. Census Bureau report being released today shows that populous Los Angeles County leads the nation with the largest number of businesses while Manhattan tops the chart with the highest average salary. The bureau's 2003 County Business Patterns report analyzes business establishments in more than 1,000 industries on the national, state and local levels.
February 26, 1995 | CHRIS GOODRICH
HOSPITAL: An Oral History of Cook County Hospital by Sydney Lewis (The New Press: $25; 350.). When Dr. Murray Franklin arrived at Chicago's Cook County Hospital in 1946 as a fellow, then a resident, he didn't receive a paycheck; he lived in a whorehouse, above the bookie joint, and was allowed one meal a day at the hospital. Things weren't much better the following decade: Dr.
January 25, 2010 | By Katherine Skiba
If Cook County, Ill., had its druthers, President Obama would be showing up for jury duty today. But court officials were told several weeks ago the prospect was a no-go, a White House official said Sunday. The summons arrived at the president's Chicago home. Obama, a 1991 graduate of Harvard Law School, president of the Harvard Law Review and later a professor at the University of Chicago Law School, would have been bound for the courthouse in suburban Bridgeview had he not been otherwise occupied.
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