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March 24, 1992
Hillary Clinton's comment that she is not baking cookies and having teas is offensive (March 17). She should already know that there is an enormous amount of real work that goes on that is not validated by a paycheck stub. Nor is it given titles of status such as "president, attorney or chairman." The work is being done by people with titles like neighbor, friend, parent and volunteer. When there is time to bake cookies, they are not for some June Cleaver image to be presented to children arriving from school.
June 9, 2012 | By Noelle Carter, Los Angeles Times
Dear SOS: The San Diego bakery the Cravory (formerly 410 Degrees) makes the most amazing cinnamon roll cookies. Any chance of getting the recipe? Many thanks! Brian Boroff San Francisco Dear Brian: These little creations, which look and taste like a cinnamon roll but are neatly compact with a cookie crumb, combine the best of both worlds. The Cravory was happy to share its recipe for cinnamon roll cookies, which we've adapted below. Total time: 1 hour, 10 minutes, plus chilling and cooling times Servings: Makes 20 to 24 cookies Note: Adapted from the Cravory in San Diego.
April 7, 2013 | By Noelle Carter
This week's Culinary SOS request comes from Halah Hassan in Pasadena: "I was wondering if you would be able to get the recipe for the irresistible brown butter cookie at the newly opened and darling Bittersweet Treats on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena. This cookie is chewy, dense and delicious, and I would very much like to re-create it at home. " Browning butter will give any dish - from savory sauces to creamy icings and glazes - added depth with rich, nutty notes. These cookies are no exception.
October 30, 2013 | By Mary MacVean
When I saw gluten-free Joe-Joe's chocolate sandwich cookies on my last trip to Trader Joe's, I thought I'd check out some chocolate options. I easily found six in supermarkets. They're all pretty good, and some are much better than that. As is often the case, it's the consistency that differentiates these gluten-free baked foods from those made with wheat flour. But the chocolate helps. It's a strong flavor and helps to compensate for flavors our palates might not be accustomed to. Of course, for people with celiac disease, that's a small price to pay, when the tiniest bit of gluten can mean a week or more of illness.
November 17, 2012 | By Noelle Carter
We're still standing. Barely. Food editor Russ Parsons, Web producer Jenn Harris and I met with Executive Chef Lachlan Sands and culinary student Donna Feoranzo at Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena to judge the top 50 cookies from our third annual L.A. Times Holiday Cookie Bake-Off. Chefs and culinary students took the top recipes and have been baking all day -- I believe they started at 7 this morning. It was a tough job -- and we're still recovering from the sugar rush -- but we were able to narrow it down to choose our top 10. We'll post the top 10 cookies tomorrow.
April 22, 2010 | By Noelle Carter, Los Angeles Times
  Dear SOS: I read your column regularly, and you certainly are able to research the most difficult recipe information with success. My husband loves the Corner Bakery's large oatmeal cookies because they are so chewy and not too sweet. Please see if you can secure the balanced ingredients and directions for the recipe. Beverly Keyser Woodland Hills Dear Beverly: These generous oatmeal cookies are big on both size and flavor, sweetened with brown sugar. It may seem like there's a lot of cinnamon, but it balances nicely with the vanilla and fruit.
April 16, 1987 | Associated Press
A truck trailer overturned and spilled 2,140 boxes of cookies onto California 99 early today. The truck driver was uninjured when his trailer fishtailed and flipped at high speed, splattering cookies over a long stretch of the roadway near Pixley in southern Tulare County. Northbound traffic was detoured onto county roads around the wreck 125 miles north of Los Angeles for almost six hours after the 3:30 a.m. accident.
November 25, 2004 | From Associated Press
A Los Alamitos baking company is recalling more than 25,000 packages of Organica Foods Double Chocolate Coffee Toffee Cookies because they contain walnuts not mentioned on their label. Although no illnesses have been reported, those who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to walnuts run the risk of a serious or life-threatening reaction if they eat the product, the Food and Drug Administration said. The recalled cookies, made by Bloomfield Bakers, were distributed nationwide in retail stores.
December 15, 2011 | By the Food staff, Los Angeles Times
Many hands help make holiday cookies. That's true when you're gathered with family and friends and vats of colored icing. It's true when you're running a contest for cookie recipes, when it takes thousands of readers, dozens of cooking school students and five hungry judges to choose the best. And, it turns out, that's even true if you're one of the winners. This year's Holiday Cookie Bake-Off attracted nearly 200 recipe entries. More than 7,000 votes were cast by readers on our Facebook page.
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