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The way these people talk about chili, you'd think they were sampling fine wine or aged cheese. But these connoisseurs at a statewide chili cook-off wore blue jeans, T-shirts and bikinis as they sniffed and savored the meaty varieties of chili concocted in booths fashioned like medieval castles and jungle hide-outs. Kent Wilks' face wrinkled in concentration as he spooned in some chili from a paper cup. "It's too thick," the 22-year-old Newport Beach resident said. "It's good chili.
January 26, 1990 | STEVEN R. CHURM
The weapons were high-speed mixers, Cuisinarts and spatulas. The mission was to whip up the most exotic haute cuisine this side of Wolfgang Puck. The location:Tustin Marine Corps Air Station. A Marine mess hall? The address on the press release wasn't a mistake. On Thursday, 42 cooks from Marine bases at Tustin, El Toro and Camp Pendleton were applying the crowning touches to culinary creations that would tickle the palate of any five-star restaurant regular.
April 25, 1997 | MIMI KO CRUZ and JOHN CANALIS
Student chefs from Orange Coast College took top honors this month at the American Culinary Federation's Western Region Junior Member Hot Food Championships in Portland. Culinary arts students from Orange Coast finished first among 13 teams from California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. They will compete in the national finals in Atlanta in July. "We're absolutely thrilled with our performance in Portland," said Bill Barber, the college's head chef.
July 31, 1986 | MINNIE BERNARDINO, Times Staff Writer
Microwave ovens--they are cool. Summer cool, too, these warm sultry days when flash cooking is preferred. Microwave subcompacts, microwave cookware, gadgets, recipes, anything related to the magnetron tube . . . they are hot. What's new? It's a rush out there among manufacturers hustling to unload their micro-style goods, while consumer interest glows red hot. Sharp Electronics Corp.
May 30, 1985 | MINNIE BERNARDINO, Times Staff Writer
Question: Do you agree that adding salt to meats or eggs before cooking is a big no-no? As a young, inexperienced cook, I hadn't heard of this until a neighbor friend told me so. She said salt toughens and dries out food. Can you please discuss this matter in your column? Answer: Technically, salt draws out moisture through the process of osmosis. This is the basis for all the theories about drying and toughening properties of salt when in contact with foods.
July 8, 2000 | Dow Jones
I-Flow Corp.'s chief financial officer, Gayle L. Arnold, has resigned to devote more time to her family, the company said Friday. Lake Forest-based I-Flow, which makes portable infusion systems, said it retained Arnold as a consultant to work with the company until it finds a successor.
December 5, 1992 | Associated Press
For eight years, he did the fixing up and she did the cleaning and cooking and made the beer runs. Then they broke up. Five years later, an appeals court has agreed that Harlan Ray must give Linda Walsh $6,600 in housekeeping pay. "This opens the door for an argument that true roommates, not even boyfriend-girlfriend, could end up with the same results," said Ray's attorney, Daniel Berkos. Walsh and her two sons moved into Ray's home after they met in 1979.
July 12, 2007 | Chris Rubin, Special to The Times
"LA Vie en Rose" plays softly in the background as Florence Bertheau -- a.k.a. Chef Flo -- cooks crepes, stacking up a supply on the side of her stove. Kids and their parents drift in to the Manhattan Beach Chefmakers Cooking Academy early on a Saturday morning, the grown-ups grabbing cups of coffee, the children taking the crepes, stuffing them with chocolate, jam and other sweet fillings and then devouring them.
Every Wednesday night at Alto Palato in West Hollywood, chef Roberto Perotti prepares a three-course regional menu. The cost is just $25 per person. Ordering the evening's menu also gets you 40% off on any bottle of wine, so drink up. That bottle of Barolo won't set you back much more than a good Chianti Classico on a normal night. Since there are 23 regions in Italy--and few people have visited or can even name more than a handful, it will take close to half a year before they begin to repeat.
May 26, 1995 | HOLLY J. WAGNER
The Newport Beach Fire Department offered "Backdraft Chili." Costa Mesa resident Carole Arnold toiled over her specialty, "Disco Inferno Chili." With ingredients as imaginative as the names of their dishes, the teams were among 96 from across the state competing Thursday in the 22nd annual California State Championship Chili Cook-Off. For four hours, the teams stirred and tasted, adjusting spices, each hoping to be chosen to attend the national cook-off in October in Reno.
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