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July 15, 1992
For those of you who believe there is such a thing as "earthquake weather," weather is a surface event. Earthquakes originate from miles underground. There is no correlation between earthquakes and weather. DENNIS CHAMBERLAIN Upland
July 9, 1992 | RILEY R. GEARY, Riley R. Geary is a senior seismic analyst at Caltech. The views expressed are his own.
In the wake of the most powerful quake to strike the state in 40 years, people are wondering if it really was mere coincidence that the seismic spasms of June 28 were preceded just five days earlier by an underground nuclear blast in southern Nevada. Or was there perhaps a more sinister connection, as suggested by Paul Conrad's "Chain Reaction?" cartoon of July 1?
October 12, 1990 | TED BROCK
Daniel Sangouma, a member of the French team that set a world record in the 400-meter relay at the European Championships last month, went to the post in St. Cloud, France, Tuesday. His opponent was a small black jumping horse named Jappeloup. Was Jappeloup ready for the challenge? Au contraire, Jappeloup bombed Sangouma twice--at 80 meters and at 60 meters. Said the sprinter, gasping: "I couldn't believe how fast that horse was able to increase his speed.
March 26, 1989
The basic problem with the California "Fiscal Gridlock" (editorial, March 16) is that we lack responsible, intelligent, courageous leadership. The answer is simply in more revenues as required from a combination of income, sales, gas and user taxes which reflect on ability to pay. Taxing our homes does not necessarily have a correlation with financial ability, and adds to the tremendous obstacles faced by young families hoping to become home...
October 15, 1988
Joel Fox attempts to make a correlation between the No on Proposition 98 campaign and the recent CAP testing issue ("Scandal Should Raise a Flag About School Fund Measure," Op-Ed Page, Sept. 28). His effort to discredit Proposition 98 through such an obscure relationship from my perspective is without success. Because I was named in this article, I am expressing in this letter views which are mine, and may not be the views of the Los Angeles Unified School District, the superintendent, or the Board of Education.
August 23, 1987 | RICHARD N. HAASS, Richard N. Haass is on the faculty of Harvard University's John F. ennedy School of Government
One of the things we would do well to learn from the Soviets is their notion of the "correlation of forces." This measure goes far beyond any table comparing warheads, tanks, ships or aircraft. The correlation of forces is a comprehensive assessment that embraces such factors as national will, the degree of political consensus, alliance cohesion and economic and technological developments. Trends matter as much as actual capabilities.
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