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October 5, 1985 | GREG JOHNSON, Times Staff Writer
Price Co., which operates 21 discount warehouse stores in four states, on Friday said that it is negotiating with a Montreal-based retail chain to form a joint venture to open and operate an undisclosed number of Price Clubs in Canada. The San Diego-based company is discussing the joint-venture proposal with Steinberg Inc., which operates grocery and retail stores in Canada and the United States. The discussions could be concluded "shortly," according to a Price Co.
August 16, 2000
Re "Shopper Killed in Shootout at Van Nuys Costco," Aug. 14: My wife was shopping at Costco Sunday. Standing at the checkout counter at the front of the store, she suddenly remembered she had forgotten to buy lamb chops, so she went back to the meat counter. Because of this sudden, fortuitous thought, she was some distance from the area where the gunfire occurred. She and others were herded out side doors (Costco handled the emergency beautifully), where she saw one 6-year-old vomiting from fear.
July 6, 2001
Re "Group Accuses U.S. Refineries of Driving Up Gasoline Prices," July 3: I bought gas at Costco, Chino Hills, last Friday for $1.63; down the street at Mobil it was $1.93. Later in the day I filled up at Arco in Lost Hills, north of the Grapevine, for $1.59. Two other stations there had it for the same price. One other had it for $1.69 and another for $1.79. Coming home last Sunday I filled up at Arco in Salinas for $1.69, while across the street at Shell it was $1.91. Driving home through Santa Barbara I noticed Union 76 had it for $2.01.
May 25, 2003
I was excited by James Flanigan's "Speeding Up Interest in Fuel Cell Technology" (May 14), until I got halfway through it only to find out that ChevronTexaco and Shell are among those extremely interested in this new technology. What depressing news. It just means more of the same: profits at any expense to the consumer, huge spikes in fabricated costs and the ability to raise prices way out of line with the economy. Isn't there some way to invite companies such as Wal Mart, Costco and Southwest Airlines to run this new technology?
June 25, 1987
The City Council, acting as the Community Redevelopment Agency, paved the way for a membership warehouse store at 147th Street and Compton Boulevard. With approval from three council members, construction of the 110,000-square-foot Costco warehouse store will begin in July on the nine-acre site west of the San Diego Freeway. Completion is expected in November. The city expects $350,000 a year in sales-tax revenue from the store, City Manager Kenneth Jue said.
April 6, 2012 | By Matt Stevens, Los Angeles Times
Glendale's now-famous hungry bear has confirmed his love of Costco meatballs, apologized for a bad hair day, and pushed back at journalists for a "gross misrepresentation" after taking to Twitter earlier this week. He also apparently has a name: Glen Bearian . "Please don't be afraid of me," Bearian tweeted Tuesday. "I wont eat you. Unless you're a meatball from Costco. Are you?" In between eating, it seems the Glendale Bear is also finding time to listen to music.
February 9, 2014 | By Gill Plimmer
When Madonna was on tour in Spain a few years ago, teenage girls turned up at her final performance wearing the very outfit she had worn for her first show. They had bought it from Zara, the Spanish retailer. While most fashion retailers take months to introduce new product lines, Zara's supply chain can design and deliver new clothes to its 1,500 stores in more than 70 countries within days. In her book "The Good Jobs Strategy," published by New Harvest, Zeynep Ton argues that Zara's investment in staff is crucial to this speed, together with its ability to collect information from employees on what is popular.
November 16, 2011 | By Susan Carpenter
Infiniti is hoping to make diaper runs to Costco less of a chore with its JX, unveiled Wednesday. Targeting family-oriented buyers who appreciate a different type of pampering, the three-row, seven-seat is the latest entry into the fast-growing luxury crossover segment. The JX "can carry both children and adults without putting them in a rear seat penalty box" that forces adults to climb over a second-row child seat, said Infiniti Executive Vice President Andy Palmer. Infiniti says its JX offers the most passenger and cargo volume in its segment, with more second- and third-row legroom than a Cadillac Escalade.
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