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December 8, 1985
This is for travelers like me who have become saturated with group/tour travel with the accompanying pell mell rush through European countries. I had been doing that for more than six years when I suddenly found the prospect of additional travel repugnant. One lucky day I discovered in Jerry Hulse's column a mention of cottages for rent in the marvelous Cotswold area of England. I arranged for accommodation at a very old cottage a few miles from Bristol and eight miles from Bath.
December 21, 1986 | NORMA LOVE, Associated Press
Deer came to drink this morning and left their hoofprints on the beach where Lilie Brown Parsons walked in solitude as a young woman at the turn of the century. Nearby stands a storm-scarred wooden windmill with hand-carved propellers, a failed attempt by Parsons' son, Dave, to generate electricity for the cottage. It sits beside the covered boathouse Parsons' husband pushed across the ice in 1897 and lived in with the carpenter while the cottage was being built.
February 6, 1998
At last, a bona fide resort on 76 acres of Newport Coast ("Marriott Plans Time Shares on Newport Coast," Jan. 7). Now maybe the publicly owned Crystal Cove Historic District can be restored to its owners, the people of California. We have waited nearly 20 years since its purchase to enjoy an overnight stay in the park's beachfront cottages. The Crystal Cove Historic District is a 13-acre portion of the 2,800-acre Crystal Cove State Park, named for its historic cottage enclave, its gemstone.
December 24, 2000
On Dec. 17, The Times ran an article titled "Ritzy Resort or Rustic Retreat?" about Crystal Cove State Park and the planned resort development. There are several inaccuracies I would like to clarify. The article states, "The residents must raise $35 million, the cost of refurbishing the cottages. . . ." The residents of Crystal Cove are not involved in the alternative plans being formulated for the project, nor are they in any way involved in raising money for the effort. The article states, "Leaking septic tanks are sending raw sewage into the protected waters, which are dolphin birthing grounds."
August 15, 2004
Thank you for "Solo Performances" by Diane Wedner (Aug. 1) on the exceptional women who have forgone the dream of romantic chivalry and have purchased their own homes instead. Their appreciation of an alternative community is also felt among many single female renters, like myself, who simply cannot afford the same degree of domestic security.... We must still endure landlords who evict with impunity, exploiting the vulnerability of their tenants and jeopardizing their safety. For instance, rather than respecting my right of privacy as provided by California law, the owner of the cottage I am renting has given me a 30-day notice.
May 28, 2013 | By Matt Wilhalme
Former Grand Valley State University quarterback Cullen Finnerty, who had been missing since Sunday, has been found dead, according to Lake County, Mich., Undersheriff Dennis Robinson. Robinson told the Associated Press that a cause of death has not been determined, but authorites did not suspect foul play. "There was nothing obvious to us, to the view, of anything that would have caused his death,"  Lake County Sheriff Robert Hilts said, according to the Detroit Free Press . Finnerty's family told police the 30-year-old ex-football star might have suffered “a mental episode” prior to his disappearance Sunday while on a fishing trip near his family's cottage northeast of Baldwin, Mich.
July 26, 1987 | MARK ARAX, Times Staff Writer
When a private school stepped in last year to buy the Scripps Hall mansion in old Altadena, the move was applauded by community leaders who had waged an impassioned battle to save the turn-of-the-century home from a developer's wrecking ball.
June 4, 2011 | By Sam Watters, Special to the Los Angeles Times
Exposition Park is a petting zoo of L.A. design. Sports venues and museums represent Beaux-Arts, Art Deco, postwar and post-postwar styles. On the way is a grim postmodern Metro stop. Sadly missing in this Soviet block of ponderous architecture is some Disney flair, L.A.'s unique tradition of entertainment style. Now that changes are being considered, city planners might remember the popular Wee Hoose 'Mang the Heather. The rose garden east of the Natural History Museum has been a public park since 1913.
February 14, 2011 | By Susan King, Los Angeles Times
Everyone knows that favorites such as "Casablanca," "An Affair to Remember," "Ghost," and "Titanic" are perfect DVD fare for Valentine's Day. But there are other terrific, lesser-known romantic films that will have you swooning ? and perhaps weeping ? as you celebrate the day with a loved one (or even by yourself). Here are four films guaranteed to fire up your heart. 'The Clock' Judy Garland is luminous in her first non-singing role in this lovely 1945 romantic drama. Garland plays Alice Maybery who meets an earnest soldier, Joe Allen (an equally poignant Robert Walker)
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