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August 5, 1985
I would like to commend The Times for its fine piece of work. At long last your readers were given a glimpse of the inside workings of the Israeli justice system. The editorial showed professionalism and courage in uncovering contradictions that exist in the so-called "only democracy in the Middle East." MOHAMMED KHAN Rosemead
July 6, 1985
Have we not had enough of Steve Howe's "never-ending story?" When are the morals and class needed to project an upstanding team image? Is it lack of courage on the part of Dodger management or just lack of scruples? L. CRAIG Altadena
November 29, 1999
Several days ago my car was almost broadsided by a young man who failed to stop for a stop sign. He was talking on his cell phone while driving. Isn't there one legislator with the courage to introduce a bill to make this practice illegal? TRUDI SILVERS Los Angeles
March 2, 1986
To the many supporters of the opposition, I congratulate you for your bravery and courage. To the new president of the Republic of the Philippines, Corazon Cojuanco Aquino, I thank you for your perseverance. Finally, as a Filipino-American, I have this to say, "Free at last!" CECILE F. DAVID Buena Park
April 25, 1987 | WILLIAM NOTTINGHAM, Times Staff Writer
The ordeal of Patricia Lewis, a South-Central Los Angeles woman whose life was torn apart after she testified about a 1982 street gang murder, has prompted the California District Attorneys Assn. to create an annual Witness of the Year award.
October 22, 1995
Regarding "Life After 187," Oct. 15, in which you interviewed Vladimir Cerna. Cerna is more American than most Americans. America was founded and preserved by those who had the courage to stand in the face of grave opposition--by those who had a vision of sacrifice for the greater good. Only the purely ignorant would rebuke Cerna as non-American. I was a teacher in a largely Latino school when the vote on Proposition 187 was reported. I know the fear it bestows on the Latino community.
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