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Crafts And Folk Art

August 8, 2002
On Sunday, panelists invited by the Society of Architectural Historians, Southern California Chapter, will present their concerns on the recent demolition of several significant modern homes. The Preservation Summit will include Ken Bernstein of the Los Angeles Conservancy, Peter Moruzzi of Palm Springs Modern Committee, Dan Rosenfeld of Urban Partners, Christopher C. Martin of AC Martin Partners and Katharine Hummer, historic preservation commission member for the city of Glendora.
Edith R. Wyle, whose passion for humanistic, universally meaningful art propelled her to establish Los Angeles' popular Craft and Folk Art Museum and Festival of Masks, died Tuesday at the age of 81. She died in her sleep at her West Los Angeles home after battling cancer, said Patrick Ela, chairman of the museum's board of trustees.
March 2, 1997 | Suzanne Muchnic, Suzanne Muchnic is The Times' art writer
An ominous sign hangs on a Wilshire Boulevard building occupied by the Craft and Folk Art Museum: "Available 11,000 sf. + parking lot." The museum is not folding up. CAFAM owns its main building next door to the leased annex, plus a nearby duplex and cottage. But the real estate sign is a sad symbol of problems facing the venerable institution as it struggles to revitalize itself.
June 20, 1987 | JANE GREENSTEIN
Seventy-six years before Frederick Auguste Bartholdi completed the Statue of Liberty, an unknown artist represented America in a mezzotint as an Indian princess wearing a towering feathered headdress. Flanked by two tomahawks and a rattlesnake, she rides in a chariot drawn by tigers. Opposite her sits Africa, symbolized by a similarly adorned black woman.
January 17, 1987 | ELLEN MELINKOFF
"Puzzles, Old and New," the Craft and Folk Art Museum's current exhibit, is one for the entire family. It's all subtitled "Head Crackers, Patience Provers and Other Tactile Teasers"--so go mentally prepared. On one wall, there are stacks of newsprint covered with mazes and a bin of pencils nearby. Step right up and try your skills (kids, too), and then take home your sheet.
November 17, 1985 | SUZANNE MUCHNIC, Suzanne Muchnic is a Times staff writer.
No curmudgeons need darken the door of the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles on Wednesday, when "The Joyful Vision" opens--unless they're prepared to be charmed. This holiday exhibition promises to serve up a bounty of good cheer in its display of works by idiosyncratic and unsophisticated artists. Florence N.
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