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March 22, 1998
Re "Plans for Jobs, Housing Are at Odds," March 10: Mayor Richard Riordan appears to believe that the creation of jobs and the creation of affordable housing are mutually exclusive--that you cannot do both at the same time. I find this position absurd. The creation of affordable housing creates jobs, both in the short and long term. Construction jobs are created immediately, as well as building management and maintenance jobs in the long run. The local economy is stimulated by the expenditure of housing dollars, which also creates jobs.
March 15, 1991
I have been a Times subscriber since 1955. Your creation of Column Left and Column Right on the Commentary page is the most wonderful addition I can imagine. The opposing viewpoints have helped me to evaluate the information I receive. I am definitely a better educated citizen because of those columns and I thank you very much. JACQUI HEILAND South Pasadena
October 11, 1986
What makes George Will believe that our President "wants a summit in order to practice therapeutic policy"? More likely, Reagan cannot resist the temptation of enhancing Republican prospects by the creation of photo opportunities just prior to the November election. MARGE AMADO Los Angeles
January 19, 1992
Hats off to Hilary de Vries for "Streisand, the Storyteller" (Dec. 8). Her observations of the '90s Barbra were astute and sensitive. As I see it, Streisand's "perfectionism" comes from the little kid who was abandoned and afraid. Streisand is a phenomenon of her own creation. In 20 years, will she be succeeded by Madonna? IRWIN M. KARASH West Hollywood
Here's an idea for a dinosaur movie: A big-city paleontologist discovers dinosaur bones on a Wyoming ranch. Maybe millions of bones, adding up to a herd of perhaps 8,000 giant duckbill dinosaurs. Naturally, there's a catch. The duckbill graveyard is on land owned by a Christian cowboy so opposed to evolution he won't even let anyone lecture about it on his ranch. Despite their differences, the scientist and the rancher become friends.
December 4, 1988
It was heartwarming, to actually see in Sam Hall Kaplan's column (Nov. 6) a (liberal!) voice reminding our profession and the building industry that not all design issues are stylistic; perhaps the most significant ones are those we can never truly see. Sadly, this emphasis appears to be the current focus of much architectural discussion, which becomes "exclusivist," at least to the extent the jargon is turgid and obscure. Obviously, the practice of architecture is a complicated undertaking and the creation of beauty is important.
September 23, 2005
Re "Olympic dreams," Opinion, Sept. 20 Not a dream but a nightmare. No meaningful jobs creation, no new infrastructure creation or improvements, more traffic on already antiquated roads, a greater influx of cheap illegal foreign labor selling hot dogs and sweeping up the stadiums, more foreign nationals from terrorist states in our city, a greater likelihood of terrorist attack with 10 years to plan it, and connection with a inherently corrupt foreign-controlled...
May 10, 1999 | Bloomberg News
The European Union will end its flirtation with government-funded job creation policies when finance ministers meet today to endorse deregulation, wage restraint and the expansion of stock markets as ways of spurring the economy, officials said.
March 28, 1993
"Anything of great value--creation, a new idea--carries its shadow zone with it. You have to accept it that way. Otherwise there is only the stagnation of inaction. But every action has an implicit share of negativity. There is no escaping it. Every positive value has its price in negative terms and you never see anything very great which is not, at the same time, horrible in some respect. The genius of Einstein leads to Hiroshima."--Pablo Picasso --From "Picasso: In His Words" edited by Hiro Clark (Collins Publishers San Francisco: $17.95; 96 pp.)
October 25, 1998
Thank you for your editorial "Historic Agreement on Parkland," Oct. 4. Recognition of the creation of this open-space preserve is very much appreciated. Your editorial congratulates Orange County on its foresight and efforts to preserve this area. We concur with that compliment; the county has been instrumental in the creation of the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. However, your editorial does not recognize the efforts of Laguna Beach residents who have taxed themselves to pay for the purchase of a major portion of this parkland.
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