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January 27, 1991
I'll tell you what really tees me off. It's when the makers of a shot-on-film series (especially dramas) no longer print the beginning or end credits directly onto the film. Instead, they simply flash video-generated credits over a filmed-image. Something is seriously wrong. It's like mixing oil and water, very cheap and tacky looking. Video credits are perfect for a video-taped sitcom, but not for a film. Brian Mesmer, Torrance
June 22, 1986
I think it is terrible how the news programs on local stations interrupt the previous show's credits. The credits are shown in a box in the corner of the TV screen. One can not read them because they are so small and out of focus. Many of us still like to read the credits at the end of a TV show or movie. H. Howard, Westminster
February 26, 2014 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Microsoft is encouraging users to try its Bing and OneDrive services by offering them 100 GB of free cloud storage for one year. Users can earn the storage by signing up for Bing Rewards, a program that gives users credits every time they use Microsoft's search engine. Those credits can then be traded in for rewards, such as gift cards. Microsoft said users who earn 100 credits can redeem them for the free storage with OneDrive, the company's cloud service that was formerly known as SkyDrive.
May 17, 1987
I dislike the current trend of a television screen split between a movie's credits and some station promotion. One station promotes an upcoming news broadcast with a split-screen featuring a newscaster and the credits. One PBS station included its fund-raising information on the bottom half of the screen. Since I have a 40-inch screen and cannot read credits shrunk to fit half a screen, I assume that no one else can read them. I like to look for the name of an actor that I liked in a show or to see what city was used for location filming, etc. Stations take notice: I am not paying attention to your promotion.
February 10, 2011 | By Mary Forgione, Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger
The White Elephant on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts has been described by Travel + Leisure as the island's "largest, plushest resort -- which occupies a prime spot at the northern edge of Nantucket Harbor. " Now rooms at the 53-unit inn are on sale starting at $195 a night, with some nice hotel credits too. The deal: The hotel's Hot Dates, Cool Rates offers a considerable discount on rooms in the spring and fall. The deal comes with dinner credits at the hotel's Brant Point Grill ($25 credit for a $100 meal; $50 credit for a $150 meal)
December 22, 1991
After reading "Such a Production," by Robert W. Welkos (Dec. 8), I now have a better understanding of the multiplicity of movie credits. In viewing the credits following theatrical and TV movies, it seems to me that everyone who had anything to do with the production, however remote, gets named. I do not believe I have yet seen a credit for the person who provides the portable johns for location scenes but expect to do so soon. I would also like to add that the vast majority of viewers could not care less who did this and who did that in the production.
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