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August 25, 2002
Regarding "Cruise Control: On Some Lines, Tips Are Automatic" (Travel Insider, Aug. 18): As a cruise aficionado who spends six to eight weeks on the seas every year, I am insulted by cruise lines that imply that their passengers need counseling on how much to tip. I resent being forced to tip staff that do not do an adequate job. Only employees who do an extraordinary job should get a tip. Those who do an ordinary job should learn to live on their salaries,...
November 17, 2002
"Changing Policies Mean Smoking Is Still a Hot Topic" (Nov. 10) was informative, well researched and well written. Because I live in California, I often forget the cloud of smoke that surrounds me in Hong Kong or Paris. Two weeks ago my husband and I took a cruise on Carnival's Paradise. It was a pleasure to be smoke-free everywhere. Sandy Woolley San Luis Obispo
May 13, 1990
I really get irritated by statements like the one made by (the Irvine Co.'s Larry Thomas, May 7) when he said that they only invite supervisors' aides because "it's fun" to participate in yacht cruises, etc. If Thomas does it for fun, why didn't he invite me? Why didn't he give that money to the United Way, Girl Scouts or an old folks' home? Why didn't he sponsor some dancers at a Cinco de Mayo festival? Obviously because none of the aforementioned people are in a position to give something back.
January 18, 2011 | By Karl Zimmermann, Special to the Los Angeles Times
On a windy, showery February evening midway through our 16-night cruise from Laem Chabang, Thailand, to Shanghai, my wife, Laurel, and I stood on the balcony of our stateroom aboard the Ocean Princess, berthed at the tip of the Kowloon Peninsula. Across Victoria Harbour, the astonishing array of skyscrapers on Hong Kong Island had grown lively with light, a multicolored, ever-changing display of patterns and advertising icons — and there was more to come. The ubiquitous Star Ferries — green and white, double-ended, distinctive in profile — scuttled back and forth, and other excursion boats joined the armada.
May 31, 1989 | From Times wire services
Local politicians, reacting to public uproar, decided today not to send a group of teen-age offenders on a six-month rehabilitation cruise to the Caribbean at taxpayer expense. The social board in the suburb of Kista dropped plans to participate in the cruise after it received a bomb threat. Social Commissioner Ragnar Gotestam later announced on TV that the project had to be canceled because at least two community social boards had changed their minds about the $80,000 cruise on a 53-foot sailing craft to Saint Lucia and other Caribbean islands.
March 17, 2009 | Times Wire Reports
Hundreds of Chinese tourists arrived in Taiwan on the first luxury cruise ship to sail directly to the island from Communist China, boosting prospects for expanded economic and tourism ties. The Ocean Mystery arrived at Keelung port following a two-day cruise from Shanghai. The 1,600 passengers are the first of several large-scale tour groups Chinese officials have promised to send to Taiwan by ship or air.
October 5, 2003
Re "2-Year Term for Terror Hoax," Sept. 23: The two-year hard-time sentence for Kelly Marie Ferguson, the 20-year-old woman who left threatening notes while on a cruise, is nothing short of an outrage. The prosecutor can most kindly be described as overly zealous, more interested in notches on his gun than in justice, particularly justice tempered by a mercy that this case would seem to demand. While Ferguson's actions undoubtedly caused extreme anxiety among her fellow passengers, it appears that no lasting damage was done.
April 28, 1986 | BARRY M. HORSTMAN, Times Staff Writer
The San Diego Cruise Industry Consortium, long hailed by City Councilman Bill Cleator as "an incredible San Diego success story" in which he played a major role, is slowly becoming a subject of controversy in Cleator's mayoral campaign.
September 18, 1994 | Marty Leshner
1. Finding a clean, dry seat on a tender. 2. Figuring out where you are in latitude and longitude. 3. Learning how to ask your waiter for more iced tea, in Italian. 4. Making a macrame frog. . .or turning a napkin into a swan. 5. Lifting your feet when you enter a bathroom. 6. Deciphering public address announcements from the bridge. 7. Dancing the cha-cha with a person of the same sex. . .while you are seasick. 8. Pronouncing the name Kjell correctly (it's CHEL .) 9.
June 24, 2012 | By Jen Leo
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