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November 14, 2008
Re "Kick the tires first," editorial, Nov. 11 For two decades, the Big Three American automakers have been making a fortune building and selling gas-guzzling SUVs while Toyota and Honda were developing energy-efficient, well- designed, long-lasting cars. The Big Three were able to profit so mightily because their SUVs were exempt from the corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards after they lobbied Congress aggressively. Now the crybabies want a bailout? I say, "Heck, no."
April 17, 1993
I think they should kick that whiny, excuse-making Strawberry out of the park and hire that fan to play the outfield. If that fan, who by the way is helping pay Strawberry's ridiculous salary, hadn't caught the ball, Strawberry probably would have used the reflection of the sun off someone's bald head as an excuse. I get so tired of listening to excuses from these average, overpaid crybabies. Don't they make real ballplayers like Gehrig and Mays anymore? J.A. SERVOS Romoland
May 16, 1992
It makes me mad to read about Larry Andersen. The fans boo him. What kind of fans do we have who keep on booing their own players? First it was John Kruk, then Benito Santiago and Andersen. The fans are a bunch of crybabies. They don't deserve a baseball team. They seem to forget the ballplayers are just people doing their best. Sure, I get mad when they don't play good. But I would never boo my own players. They feel bad enough without us booing them. Boo the Dodgers or the Reds, but give our players a break.
September 8, 2001
In response to Eric Monson of Temecula regarding NFL officials: Get off your high horse, and cut those guys some slack! If not for the refs keeping things fair and organized on the field, chaos would assuredly ensue. Refs, and umpires alike, have the unpleasant task of playing bad guys to overpaid crybabies who would, otherwise, win under their own set of rules. Referees and umpires continually get pushed around, spat on, and heckled for trying to keep the game fair. In a loose comparison, sports officials are like the dishwashers, garbage men, teachers, nurses, and others in low-paid professions.
December 24, 2002 | From Times Wire Reports
The mother of a seventh-grader is demanding the end of a sex education program that promotes abstinence, because she says the curriculum has a political agenda and provides graphic information about abortions. Renee Walker sent letters last week to the Mount Diablo School District and state Supt. Delaine Eastin to complain about the eight-day CryBabies program being offered at her son's school. The program is run by First Resort, a pregnancy counseling center with an anti-abortion reputation.
April 7, 1985
Fellow Americans! Let's not be such crybabies! Stop blaming the Japanese for our trade deficits. They're not the problem. We are. We're the ones buying their products that cause these deficits. And we do so because we must feel they're building "better mousetraps." By berating them we are behaving very irrationally. Japan has succeeded in penetrating the American market by catering to it. Let's do the same by designing our export products to Japan that fit its cultural patterns.
February 11, 1993
In regards to the Jan. 10 article headlined "Sour Notes," I disagree with Mike Woo and others who say that the Hollywood Palladium is at fault for all the problems in that area. They point their fingers and blame the Palladium for their own shortcomings. If Mr. Woo and others in the government would concentrate on removing the drug dealers, gang members, and other troublemakers from the streets of Hollywood we would not have nearly half the problems that we have on the streets around the Palladium.
June 28, 1986
I am in agreement with Hearns. I am a World War II veteran, giving four years to the service of my country--three in the South Pacific. When the war ended, we came back to the States in 1946, decommissioned our ship, got discharged, and quietly went home. I didn't see any brass bands, or ticker tape parades and didn't expect any. I'm tired of these Vietnam crybabies and their sniveling about "their war." I have been in VA hospitals numerous times, and seldom do you hear a World War II or Korean War vet do any bitching.
November 3, 1997 | From Associated Press
No room for crybabies. It's not just the name of a book, it's the name of the game for the Minnesota Vikings. Dennis Green's autobiography and word that the team is for sale didn't bother them. The loss of their top two running backs to injuries didn't, either.
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