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Cultural Arts

December 11, 1997
The City Council agrees that Manhattan Beach needs a cultural arts facility but is not sure if the old Manhattan Heights Library is the best place for it or if the circular building is big enough to accommodate a theater. The council recently voted 3-2 to have an architect redesign the proposed $2.1-million center without a performance space. The council has also asked the architect to reconfigure the design so that the only access to the facility is off Manhattan Beach Boulevard.
December 14, 2003 | Julie Tamaki, Times Staff Writer
Art therapist Megan Barr asked each of six teenage boys seated around a table to draw a picture of something they were thankful for. One boy drew a pair of talking stick figures and explained he was grateful for learning how to express his feelings since arriving at the Highland Park campus of Optimist Youth Homes & Family Services, a nonprofit that helps troubled youths. "How did you express your feelings in the past?" Barr asked. "By robbing people," the boy responded. "Because I was mad."
December 31, 1985 | HILLIARD HARPER, San Diego County Arts Writer
The year 1985 was, with few exceptions, one of steady, if uninteresting, growth for San Diego's cultural arts. While a proposed sculpture by New York artist Ellsworth Kelly and the San Diego Symphony's conversion of the Fox Theatre attracted the greatest attention, local artists and some pint-sized cultural institutions again showed why they should not be overlooked.
May 27, 1985 | JOHN NIELSEN, Times Staff Writer
Luke Bandle, director of this year's Pacific Rim Arts Festival at Warner Center Park, thinks the San Fernando Valley is a victim of its image. "A lot of people I know think the Valley is full of white Anglo-Saxon Protestants who drive huge Cadillacs with personalized license plates," she said. "That's ridiculous, of course. . . . I think it's time we advertised some cultural and artistic diversity."
July 26, 2000 | VIVIAN LETRAN
Inspiring young minds to appreciate art is a challenge Mexican artist Raul Anguiano is willing to take. Anguiano is spending part of his summer teaching third-graders in the Santa Ana Unified School District how to draw and paint. His volunteer work in the classroom is part of the inaugural program supported by the Barrutia Family Fund, an endowment of nearly $100,000 established in July 1999 to integrate the cultural arts into inner-city school curricula.
May 8, 1986 | MARTHA L. WILLMAN, Times Staff Writer
The Alex Theatre, a landmark movie house in the heart of downtown Glendale, should be substantially rebuilt by the city as a performing arts center, a yearlong study has concluded. The study, submitted to the Glendale Redevelopment Agency Tuesday, suggests that a $15-million reconstruction be undertaken to preserve the entry courtyard and lobby of the theater and to replace its auditorium and vaudevillian stage with a 1,400-seat proscenium arch theater and a 250-seat theater next door.
Your kid probably never created a sand painting, made a roly-poly doll, or danced a Middle Eastern dance. All the more reason to go to the Children's Celebration of the Arts Festival on Saturday in Ventura. Now in its 13th year, the festival is one of the best ways to give kids a hands-on dose of the cultural arts. Best of all, though, is the price: The assortment of workshops led by local artists and the entertainment are free.
February 4, 1988
I really have to take exception to your "objective journalistic" viewpoint on Angels Gate Cultural Center (Times, Jan. 17). The biases your articles hold have created increasing criticism of this community center, focusing more on a disgruntled minority than on the support of people the center has served. For years the city's department of recreation has done everything it could to control this independent group of artists and creative community leaders by the imposition of its stupid, irrelevant bureaucracy.
October 27, 1985 | HILLIARD HARPER, San Diego County Arts Writer
When Colleen Finnegan, the San Diego Repertory Theatre's development director, moved here four years ago, she attended a town meeting of the arts held by patron Danah Fayman. A lot of hand wringing went on. Finnegan recalls people moaning, "How can we be America's Finest City" when so few are contributing to the arts?
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