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July 12, 2009 | Melissa Magsaysay
Bed-head tresses aren't the only approach to a relaxed summer hairdo. Braids of all sizes and complexity are becoming a go-to style for a sexy, bohemian look that works whether you're on the red carpet or running weekend errands. They've been showing up on the likes of Nicole Richie, Rachel Bilson and Sienna Miller, and we'll likely be seeing more of the style, says Maria Roszak of the Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood, who creates an intricate fishtail braid on many of her clients.
February 24, 1991
I feel I should comment on the letter to the editor from Michael E. Tscheekar (Jan. 6) pointing out that alcoholic beverages brought into the country on common carrier are only subject to federal regulation. His contention is correct, as far as it goes. But Customs enforces state as well as federal alcoholic beverage control laws. In California, where a vast majority of people entering the country are at land border ports and not traveling by common carrier, the state law applies.
September 1, 2002
Returning from our first trip abroad after a 14-hour flight, we did not happily anticipate entering Customs in Los Angeles International Airport, but we were greeted with courtesy, patience and a huge effort to see that we understood their procedure with baggage. Customs and security people in the airport deserve a pat on the back for the way they deal with weary passengers. JEAN PORTER NIELSEN Palm Desert
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