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August 18, 1988
The headline should have read "Errant Memo Exposes Political Frauds." Although "politics ain't high tea," political consultants Michael Berman and Carl D'Agostino (operators of BAD Campaigns) offer advice so cynical and valueless as to be political poison. Liberal politicians such as Yaroslavsky, Reps. Henry Waxman (D-Los Angeles), Howard Berman (D-Panorama City) and Mel Levine (D-Santa Monica) would be better advised to spend their consulting dollars elsewhere, or further risk undermining their credibility as public servants.
June 9, 2004
Re "Conservancy Spending Assailed," June 6: The arrogance of leaders of the Santa Monica Conservancy in response to the misuse of bond funds is appalling. The comment by Jerome C. Daniel, conservancy chairman, quoted in your article, is striking: "I don't know what the numbers are, and I don't care what the numbers are, frankly." Well, I care, and I care as a taxpayer and voter. We voted for bond money to be used for the purchase of land and not for unallowable expenditures by the executive director, Joseph Edmiston.
June 12, 2001
I saw the picture on page B1 of The Times of Christina Thomas of Sausalito, who's on 24-hour oxygen for emphysema and is being threatened with power shut-off because she's behind in her payments by $900 ("Paying for Power a Struggle for Some," June 8). Then on page B4, I read where state Sen. Sheila Kuehl (D-Santa Monica) is sponsoring a bill that would give Universal City a break on its utilities because of safety concerns ("Universal May Get a Break on Electricity Bills"). Seems that it would be a real tragedy if their visitors were to be temporarily stranded on their rides in the event of a power outage.
October 19, 1998
I read, with interest, your article about the investigation of possible voter registration fraud by employees of the California Voter Registration Project and the Assembly Democrats Statewide Voter Registration Project (Oct. 14). One very important fact was not mentioned: It was the Democratic Caucus in the Assembly that asked for the investigation two months ago, after our own internal verification process identified the possible wrongdoing by employees of those private firms that had been contracted to implement voter registration.
November 5, 1988
The Times has come up with several bad arguments for supporting Proposition P but your latest is the worst of the lot--that the Oxy project on Pacific Coast Highway would not lead to drilling in the Santa Monica Bay (editorial, "Oil: Yes on P, No on O," Oct. 30). In one breath you praise Rep. Mel Levine (D-Santa Monica) for helping to keep oil out of the bay and in the next you tell him he doesn't know what he's talking about in arguing that the Occidental Petroleum project will lead to drilling in the bay. But if you don't believe Rep. Levine, how about Sens.
July 1, 1993
Soka University officials have won their second battle in a month against legislators who accused them of financial improprieties. The California Fair Political Practices Commission announced Monday that it had cleared the Japan-based university of charges, made by Assemblyman Terry B. Friedman last year, that the school had secretly backed three Calabasas City Council candidates with financial donations.
February 17, 1992
I was appalled to read in The Times ("Assembly Passes Bill to Hinder Soka's Plans," Valley Edition, Jan. 30) that Assemblyman Tom Hayden (D-Santa Monica) was crowing about initiating a bill in the Assembly that would deny Soka University the right to call itself a university. I was even further appalled that the Assembly passed the bill without even knowing the facts. All you have to do is pick up any international university directory to find out that Soka is indeed a university.
State Sen. Tom Hayden (D-Santa Monica) charged Monday that for years administrators at San Diego State University have falsified documents to cover up for professors who are not teaching full loads, thus cheating students and taxpayers. "This damn thing seems to have been going on for 20 years," Hayden said. "This is major fraud." Hayden, who is running for the Democratic nomination for governor, demanded that the state's legislative analyst investigate San Diego State and other California State University campuses to determine the extent of the "ghosts in the classroom."
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