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August 2, 2009 | Times Wire Reports
The British government says an illegal immigrant sneaked into the country by smuggling himself aboard a bus full of border agents. Britain's Home Office says the man hid in the small space between the bus' chassis and its fuel tank as it traveled through the Channel Tunnel from the French town of Coquelles to the British coastal city of Dover. The Daily Mail newspaper reported that the bus was carrying at least 20 Border Agency staff members, whose job it is to keep illegal immigrants out. The newspaper reported that the man was spotted dropping from the bus to the road, but ran away before he could be caught.
He's already known as a critic of modern architecture, an advocate of organic farming and a fan of hunting with hounds. But Prince Charles, it seems, is also a foe of political correctness and what he calls an "American-style" growth in personal litigation. Charles' office, which confirmed that he has been sharing his opinions with government ministers, says it's part of his royal role. Officially, the government doesn't mind.
October 12, 2005 | From Associated Press
Yoko Ono, who has feuded with Paul McCartney in the past, appeared to take another dig at him this week while picking up an award on behalf of her late husband, John Lennon. Accepting the special trophy at the Q Awards in London, Ono said Lennon had sometimes felt insecure about his songs, asking why "they always cover Paul's songs and never mine." "I said, 'You're a good songwriter; it's not June with spoon that you write.
April 7, 1988 | From Reuters
One of the British women released from a hijacked Kuwaiti airliner in Iran said Wednesday that conditions on the plane, seized by Arabic-speaking gunmen on a flight from Thailand to Kuwait, are appalling. The Daily Mail newspaper talked by phone to some of the 24 women, including 10 Britons, who were released by the hijackers early Wednesday. The women were in Mashhad, in northeastern Iran, but Kuwait Airways said it plans to evacuate them to Kuwait.
March 7, 2007 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Ian Wooldridge, 75, one of the most influential and popular British sports journalists of his generation, died Sunday in a London hospital after a long illness, the Daily Mail newspaper reported. "He was writing his incomparable column to the end, often in considerable discomfort," the paper said. He was reported to have been battling cancer.
November 20, 2010 | By Catharine Hamm, Los Angeles Times Travel editor
Question: While traveling in Britain this past summer, I parked my car in a Scottish parking garage and went to explore a shopping mall. When I returned to my car, I had received a ticket for parking in a designated disability spot, even though my California handicapped parking placard was prominently displayed. Officials told me the placard was either a fake or not valid. I received a fine of about $130. If I didn't pay it, I would be taken to court. I had checked before I left the U.S. and was assured my placard would work.
October 4, 1990 | From Associated Press
Three Britons and two Frenchman escaped from Iraq by small boat in a daring 25-hour voyage, British diplomats and Saudi officials said today. It was the first report of Western men escaping in six weeks. Guided only by a small compass and provisioned with cheese, bread, vodka and whiskey, the men were concealed by a rare mist that arose as they drifted in high seas.
April 28, 1986 | United Press International
A day before the funeral for the Duchess of Windsor, the Daily Mail newspaper today began printing secret love letters of the duke and duchess that it said will put their "romance of the century" into new perspective. "I hide my face but send you all love," the twice-divorced Wallis Warfield Simpson wrote in one letter to King Edward VIII, who would soon abdicate in 1936 for the woman he loved.
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