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Dallas Cowboys Football Team

July 17, 1998 | Bloomberg News
The Dallas Cowboys and the National Football League's marketing arm sued Converse Inc., the latest twist in a four-year battle over the use of star logos on athletic shoes. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Dallas, asks a federal judge to declare that the team can continue to license its logo to shoe companies without infringing Converse's trademark, which also uses a star design on shoes such as its Converse All-Stars.
First thing you should understand about this town's newest Cowboy: "My gun is loaded," Barry Switzer says, squinting across a cluttered desk. "Don't care what you say about me, long as you understand one thing: My gun is loaded." And the trigger finger twitches. "All you people think it is so daggone hard to learn a pro offense, you people drive me crazy," he says, suddenly rising from his chair, his voice hardening with every syllable.
January 31, 1993 | T.J. SIMERS, TIMES STAFF WRITER
Henryetta High, home of the Fighting Hens, is located at 1800 Troy Aikman Ave. Look for the school, however, because there is no street sign. "Keeps getting stolen," said Rick Enis, school principal. "We've had it embedded in a brick column with eight to 10 bolts, the heads stripped to keep them from being pried out, but it's gone." Kids will be kids. "No, probably their parents," Enis said. "I wouldn't mind having it myself." Aikmania.
May 11, 1999 | From Associated Press
Former Dallas Cowboy star Mark Tuinei went to an apartment to obtain heroin the night before he died and apparently used it as well as the drug Ecstasy, one of the team's players told police in a court document. The document, which investigators filed to get a warrant to search Tuinei's house, contains information from Cowboy running back Nicky Sualua, who said he spent Wednesday evening with Tuinei in a Dallas apartment.
December 5, 1996 | T.J. SIMERS, TIMES STAFF WRITER
How 'bout them Cowboys? Penthouse magazine is now required reading to follow America's Team, and while others might not be able to write it off on their expense report, it's a job, and someone has to do it. This month's glossy-paged treatise on Dallas wide receiver Michael Irvin, "Addicted Just As Much To Sex As He Is To Drugs," is accompanied by photos of Rachelle Smith, the topless dancer who was with Irvin when arrested on drug charges earlier this year.
December 24, 1993 | From Associated Press
Troy Aikman became the richest player in NFL history, agreeing Thursday to a $50 million, eight-year contract with the Dallas Cowboys. Aikman, a 27-year-old quarterback, will receive an $11 million signing bonus and salaries ranging from $1.75 million in 1994 to $7.5 million in 2000. Leigh Steinberg, his agent, said Aikman is the first NFL player signed through the rest of the decade.
Jerry Jones must be seeing Tom Landry in his sleep. See Tom announcing a book deal. See Tom on television trying to imitate Willie Nelson. See Tom in the Professional Football Hall of Fame. Jones fired Landry, paid him $1 million severance, and martyred him to kingdom come. The new owner of the Dallas Cowboys has apologized until he is Cowboys blue in the face, but Landry keeps coming back to haunt Jones. Landry isn't going to let up on the shabby treatment he felt he received.
July 17, 1987
The Dallas Cowboys were active on two fronts Thursday, releasing wide receiver Tony Hill and announcing that Tom Landry will continue as the team's coach for the next three seasons. Hill, a 10-year National Football League veteran, "had weight problems," Landry said, adding that the 31-year-old player "just didn't fire up as everyone else did." The Cowboys said that Hill, who failed to show up for three weigh-ins this summer, is about 230 pounds, more than 30 over his assigned weight.
February 1, 1993 | BILL DWYRE
A game that obviously needed some comic relief near the end got just that in the person of Leon Lett, a 292-pound defensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys. Lett, who isn't a starter, showed that he isn't a finisher, either.
June 5, 1990
Ed (Too Tall) Jones, who set Dallas Cowboy records for games and seasons played, has called a news conference today at which he is expected to announce that he is leaving the Cowboys.
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