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Dan Sullivan

June 5, 1988 | JANICE ARKATOV
A different set of "Golden Girls" sprints into action this week, as the newest offering by Louise Page ("Salonika") opens Friday on South Coast Repertory's Mainstage. "It's about a British women's track team," said actress Margaret Marx, who plays one of the runners. "They've been running freely, without corporate sponsorship. Then they get the sponsorship-- which doesn't corrupt their integrity, but it does influence it.
October 23, 2009 | Kim Murphy
In what would be the largest habitat zone ever established in the U.S. to protect a species from extinction, the federal government today proposed designating 200,541 square miles on the coast of Alaska as critical habitat for polar bears. Officials said the designation is not likely to further slow the pace of oil and gas development, and it crucially would not impose any controls to slow the biggest threat to polar bears, the melting of sea ice as a result of climate change. Those steps are crucial for polar bears but are being addressed separately in Congress through proposals to cap greenhouse gas emissions, said Tom Strickland, assistant Interior secretary for fish, wildlife and parks.
May 4, 1986 | SHEILA BENSON
There may be even more fallout from what one writer has already called the Pulitzer Prize Follies of 1986, in which no play was found worthy of the prize for drama. Apparently, the jurors in the drama division, when asked to come up with a second choice, discussed Woody Allen's screenplay of "Hannah and Her Sisters," and submitted the question to the Pulitzer board of whether there shouldn't be some way to honor film scripts."
July 13, 1986
ACT I Dan Sullivan reviews "Green Card"--proclaims it to be the non -linear Eighth Wonder of the World! Thousands puke! ACT II Dan Sullivan reviews "A Day Out of Time--Ellis Island, 1906"--calls it a linear failure! Thousands puke! ACT III Dan Sullivan visits the wonderful land of Oz and gets the brain and heart he so desperately seeks! Thousands cheer! The end. BILL LATTER Los Angeles
June 11, 1989
Re drama critic Dan Sullivan's "Phantom Without a Heart," June 2: It's Sullivan who doesn't have a heart. A. DUDLEY JOHNSON JR. West Hollywood
January 10, 1988
I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Dan Sullivan for starting the new year off correctly. My best wishes to you and yours. MICKEY ROONEY Westlake Village
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