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December 26, 1992
With Steve Garvey on the Hall of Fame ballot this year, I'd like to point something out. If he is to be voted into the Hall, then the following players must be voted in before him: Richie Allen, Tony Oliva, Ken Boyer, Norm Cash, Orlando Cepeda, Ron Santo and Joe Torre. These are players who played in the same era, and if you combined all-around statistics, all of these players are superior to Garvey. While Garvey had some 200-hit, 100-RBI seasons, he needed 650 at-bats to do it. While some point out he had a high postseason batting average, he had six World Series RBIs in 113 at-bats.
November 29, 1998 | MICHAEL KRIKORIAN, Michael Krikorian is a staff writer for the Fresno Bee. His last article for the magazine was on roses
In these days of support groups, Violet Loggins could start a large one for people whose husbands, sons, brothers, daughters or friends were murdered by one man. Loggins' own mourning began seven years ago. Her husband, Donald Ray Loggins, worked at a local cable company, and since the birth of their son five months earlier, he had been as punctual as a Marine Corps reveille. He would pull into the driveway of their pleasant two-bedroom, South-Central Los Angeles home at 2:45 p.m.
December 11, 1988 | United Press International
A 20-year-old man who spent $30,000 on a birthday bash last week has been charged with conspiracy to distribute 68 pounds of crack cocaine in what one official said may be the largest crack haul in the United States. Darryl (Little D) Reed "was the most feared drug dealer in Oakland," Russ Giuntini, Alameda County deputy district attorney, said Friday. In three years, Reed rose from street dealer to multimillionaire, according to Oakland narcotics Officer Ken Scott, who headed the investigation.
June 12, 1992 | From Staff and Wire Reports
Jacques Demers returned to his hometown Thursday as coach of the Montreal Canadiens, and Darryl Sutter was named to the same position with the Chicago Blackhawks. Sutter's brother, Brian, 36, had been named coach of the Boston Bruins on Tuesday and Darryl, at 33, becomes the NHL's youngest coach. He succeeds Mike Keenan, who will remain with the team as general manager, part of the dual post he held for two years. Darryl Sutter was regarded as a candidate for the Kings' coaching job.
April 30, 1995 | MIKE DOWNEY
On April 24, 1995, in White Plains, N.Y., baseball player Darryl Strawberry entered a plea of guilty to cheating the government of the United States out of $100,000 in taxes. He was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Barrington D. Parker to the cruel and unusual punishment of . . . six months of living in his own house. Ouch. The Strawberry redemption. Oh, and before you go, Hangin' Judge Parker said, please pay back the money and don't you ever do this again. Now run along.
June 25, 1990 | From Times Wire Services
John Voldstad, one of the silent brothers Darryl on television's "Newhart," choked out the words "I do" at his wedding. For years, the blond, chubby Voldstad only grinned when introduced by brother Larry as one of the two Darryls. The grin remained when he recently wed 20-year-old Kellye Fowler in Gadsden, Ala. Voldstad, 39, met Fowler in August when he was playing tennis in a celebrity tournament in Macon, Ga., and she asked him for an autograph.
November 9, 1990 | Associated Press
Tim Teufel isn't that sorry to see Darryl Strawberry leave the New York Mets. "His leaving might be beneficial to us," the Mets infielder told the New York Post. "This team can use a gamer, a guy who wants to win and get the most out of his ability at all times. Those type of players are hard to find these days, but Cincinnati proved you can win with 25 guys. When you don't have togetherness, you can't do it."
February 12, 1995 | HAL BOCK, ASSOCIATED PRESS
They were so good, it was scary. Doc Gooden came equipped with a fastball that popped, accompanied by a killer curve that turned hitters' knees to jelly. Darryl Strawberry had that sweet swing, the kind of long-ball stroke sluggers are born with. Doc and Darryl. So good and yet so bad. Now, they are together again, both suspended from baseball, both ambushed by their addictions, left to consider wasted talents.
February 24, 1991 | MARTY NOBLE, NEWSDAY
Within the next two weeks, one of Darryl Strawberry's less tolerant former teammates will announce an embargo. "Enough! No more talk about Darryl," he'll say. "He's gone. Let's get on with this year." The talk may, in fact, cease, but the thoughts will not. The 1991 season will be Vince Coleman's first with the New York Mets, and it may well be Dwight Gooden's last.
The terrifying dunk is still his trademark. Ever the free spirit, he still calls himself "Chocolate Thunder" and dreams of his own planet "Lovetron." He'd still rather play to the crowd than play defense. So what's new about Darryl Dawkins after a season in Italy? "It's not just Darryl Dawkins any more," he says. "I'm international now." And a winner, too.
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