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May 3, 1987
The article "AIDS Launches Sexual Counterrevolution" (by Jeannine Stein, April 3) seems to confirm something that I've long thought: that promiscuous people are too shallow to understand that a human being is more than an object. Not one of the people quoted had anything to say about love, affection, family, etc. Their only motivation was the fear of death, their only regret was that the orgy was over. They've established a new double standard by screening prospective bedmates in order to rule out people like themselves.
In her upcoming autobiography, Bo Derek writes that Jane Fonda begged Derek to date Ted Turner in spring 2000, shortly after Fonda and Turner had split. "She told me she loved Ted and just wanted him to be happy ... and that ... he was a great lover," Derek writes in "Riding Lessons," which is due out in February. Fonda, Derek writes, said her former husband feared rejection from Derek and asked Fonda to broach the subject of dating on his behalf. "Jane sounded very happy," Derek writes.
November 27, 2003
You really got my motor running with the article on speed-dating ("You Can Learn a Lot in Just Three Minutes," Nov. 13). Michelle Maltais' touched a chord with me, as I too have sampled the experience. It's fast-food love. Internet dating forces us to pass judgment on others through a photograph and a small essay. But the truth is that chemistry between a man and a woman can never be written down as a scientific formula. Yes, you can learn a lot in three minutes, but think of all that you miss.
September 4, 2003
Re the ongoing discussion of Internet dating ("Lost on the Bad-Date Superhighway," by Samantha Bonar, Aug. 21): Of course caution is advisable, but much can be learned from a brief encounter at a coffeehouse. Single again in '97, I tried several net dating sites, resulting in quite a few dates, some more fun than others, but after a couple of years a message: "My mom is here with me watching as I browse the dating Web sites, and I suggested that we see if anyone in her age range interested her, and your listing and photo was shown.
March 17, 2005
Wonderful story by Alison Manheim ["Her Ex Has Moved On, So She's Moved Online," March 10]. I feel bad for you if your boyfriend did dump you, but the only people who have to resort to online dating services are losers, pure and simple. All the men lie about everything to get dates, and the women really have no clue. They are just looking for the "fantasy," but they are not going to find it online. So don't feel bad about your ex; don't even think about it. Don't give that person the power to make you miserable.
August 21, 2003
Re: "Web Dating Only Netted Bad News," by Samantha Bonar, Aug. 14: After finding myself single last November, around February I decided to try due to relentless cajoling from friends. After four months of blind "coffee or tea" meetings, replete with anticipation and excitement and subsequently a lot of disappointment, I then realized what was happening: E-dating is dating backwards. Let's get to know each other, learn all about what we have in common, become good friends and then meet to see if we have any "chemistry" -- the buzz word of e-dating.
May 17, 2007
Oh, my God! I thought it was just me, it's good to know there are others out there like me ["Dazed by the Dating Game," May 10]. It is extremely hard to get a guy to even commit to a date these days, they either want you to come over to their house for a drink (wink, wink) or come over to your house for a drink and a massage (wink, wink). Like Teresa Strasser, I might be able to handle life in the '50s, ugh, with a few Valiums. But, isn't it sad there are no more real men around?
October 11, 2011 | By Rick Rojas, Los Angeles Times
On the heels of a fatal stabbing last month in which a high school girl was allegedly attacked by her ex-boyfriend, the Los Angeles Board of Education is expected to consider a proposal Tuesday that will take on teen dating violence by teaching students to recognize when a relationship is becoming abusive. Board member Steve Zimmer, who called for the board action, said the Sept. 30 incident at South East High School "punctuates the urgency" for expanding anti-dating violence programs districtwide.
September 7, 2006
Quote from Cindy Chang's "Just Consider Her the Girl Next Door," Aug. 17: " 'Do you speak Mandarin or Cantonese?' 'I just went to Japan and I loved it!' These men are lucky to escape with a cold shoulder and not a gin and tonic in their faces." It seems to me that her dating arena has only non-Asian men in it, because it is improbable that Asian men would ask such stupid questions. If she had bothered to date Asian guys, do you think that she would face these offensive questions? But, of course, Asian guys are beneath her. She is just another Joy Luck Club feminist: fighting hard to remove the unhealthy factors in Asian female/white male relationships and ignoring the existence of Asian men. The Joy Luck Club feminist movement has nothing to do with Asian American unity/empowerment and everything to do with personal empowerment at the expense of Asian men. ALEX YEE Monterey Park
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