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David Lindley

May 14, 1995
Need a hot tape for this summer's run to Cabo? KSLX's classic-rock doyen humbly offers his short list of killer road tunes, presented in suggested order of play for maximum metaphorical resonance. Crank it up. 1. "Brand New Car" Rolling Stones 2. "Pink Cadillac" Bruce Springsteen 3. "Mercury Blues" David Lindley 4. "Hot Rod Lincoln" Commander Cody 5. "Fun, Fun, Fun" The Beach Boys 6. "You Can't Catch Me" George Thorogood 7. "Get Out of Denver" Bob Seger 8.
March 7, 1995 | STEVE HOCHMAN
"What you're seeing here tonight is a family gathering around one of its members," said David Crosby from the Palace stage Sunday night, making his first concert appearance since his recent liver transplant. Crosby's presence on a show also featuring Jackson Browne, Ry Cooder, Graham Nash, David Lindley and Warren Zevon was appropriate. This evening was put together to raise money for Yvonne Calderon, wife of musician Jorge Calderon, who needs a kidney transplant.
June 6, 1995 | JIM WASHBURN
Even those who haven't heard of Ry Cooder and David Lindley have most likely heard them, either through their extensive session work or, notably, their playing on Cooder's numerous film scores. Hearing the pair in concert at the Coach House Sunday, one had to wonder: Why spend millions making a movie when you can put these guys and a brace of stringed instruments onstage and get as much drama, depth, action, color and adventure as any screen could hold?
August 26, 1989 | CHRIS WILLMAN
Singing an updated rendition of the old blues song "Cocaine" at the Universal Amphitheatre, accompanied by his pal David Lindley on violin, Jackson Browne recently brought along a few new verses to fit his coke-free, consciousness-raised life style: "I wouldn't have been a user even one more day/If you'd shown me how I was helping turn a profit for the CIA," went one couplet. And: "Look at me, I'm as sharp as a tack/Except for a few million brain cells I wouldn't mind having back."
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