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David Martin

Tammy Martin quietly pulled a gun out of her purse and pointed it at her husband, David. His eyes were closed and his head was bowed as he sat at the dining table, praying with his parents. Tammy Martin pulled the trigger. The slug hit her husband in the chest, narrowly missing his heart. The .357-caliber pistol roared again. Another shot to the chest. She kept firing. Her father-in-law, Bob Martin, was hit as he tried to grab the gun.
January 22, 1987 | United Press International
Nine of the 13 New York Republican congressmen endorsed Vice President George Bush for President today, snubbing their home-state colleague, Rep. Jack Kemp. The New Yorkers said their endorsement--including lawmakers from conservative and moderate wings of the party--showed the breadth of Bush's support across the country. Endorsing Bush were Reps. Frank Horton, Hamilton Fish, Benjamin Gilman, Norman Lent, Gerald Solomon, David Martin, Ray McGrath, Sherwood Boehlert and Guy Molinari.
August 29, 2001
"Taking a Bush League Holiday" (Commentary, Aug. 24) is easily dismissed as so much liberal claptrap. One would think, however, that David Martin, a Canada-based writer, could have had come up with a better written and more substantive effort. Why, while waiting for some of that wonderful socialized medical care in Canada, he would have had time to research and write the history of presidential vacation spots, from Washington's Mount Vernon and Jefferson's Monticello to Clinton's glomming onto, well, whomever.
June 8, 2008
Regarding same-sex marriage and the forecasted economic advantages for California ("Same-sex weddings could be a gift to California's economy," June 2): My partner and I will tie the knot in Marina del Rey on a yacht in October. We already paid $10,000 for our four-hour cruise and the ceremony. This does not count the rings, our suits and the hotel rooms for all guests and their flights to L.A. So businesses are getting a piece of the cake. I am sure the pink dollar is more than welcome in this economic period.
October 28, 1997 | BARBARA MURPHY
Mountaingate Plaza, an entertainment/promotional shopping center in Simi Valley, has been purchased for $27.5 million by a San Diego-based real estate investment trust. Burnham Pacific Properties acquires, rehabilitates, develops and manages properties on the West Coast. Major tenants of Mountaingate Plaza, which is 93% leased, include Edwards Theaters, TJ Maxx, Bally's Fitness, Thrifty Drugs, Michael's, SuperCrown Books and Blockbuster Video.
January 5, 1985 | Associated Press
David Dene Martin, a former church youth counselor who killed four persons, was executed early Friday, the second man in a week to die in Louisiana's electric chair. Martin, 32, was executed for killing his wife's lover and three other persons on Aug. 14, 1977.
June 22, 1998 | JOSE CARDENAS
A 26-year-old man walking across the freeway early Sunday was struck and killed by a car, according to authorities. The name of the North Hollywood resident was not released, pending notification of relatives, said Officer Gary Butler of the California Highway Patrol. The accident occurred just before 2 a.m. in the northbound lanes of the Ventura Freeway, north of Universal Center Drive. The man was struck in the fast lane by a 1983 Buick traveling about 70 mph, authorities said.
October 3, 1988
A motorist involved in an early morning accident in an area of Koreatown known for drug trafficking was chased several blocks by an onlooker, cornered and shot dead Sunday, police said. Los Angeles Police Detective David Martin said that at about 1:15 a.m., a car traveling north on South Normandie Avenue sideswiped several other vehicles and overturned. A pedestrian was hit and suffered minor injuries.
July 3, 1989 | Arts and entertainment reports from The Times, national and international news services and the nation's press
Correspondent, Times on Times on Percent '87 Rank Air 1987 Air 1988 Change 1. Bruce Morton, CBS (9) 69 146 +111% 2. Dean Reynolds, ABC (83) 49 114 +132% 3. Bill Plante, CBS (3) 155 111 -28% 4. Sam Donaldson, ABC (2) 147 110 -25% 5. Bob Schieffer, CBS (41) 56 107 +91% 6. Robert Hager, NBC (5) 76 100 +31% 7. Brit Hume, ABC (8) 79 100 +26% 8. Chris Wallace, NBC (1) 120 99 -17% 9. John McWethy, ABC (4) 107 97 -9% 10. David Martin, CBS (6) 95 96 +1% 11. Jim Wooten, ABC (66) 55 94 +70% 12.
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