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David W

June 5, 1986
David W. Johnston has been named assistant vice president and manager of the Hammond Co.'s San Diego branch.
March 22, 1987 | C. A. WEDLAN
Southwestern Alloys Inc., Paramount, said it was acquired by Larry R. Lancaster, David W. Crawford and Philip B. Shubb. Lancaster and Crawford were the founders of the firm. Terms were not disclosed.
July 26, 1998
As a 40-year resident of the great San Fernando Valley I wish to move the adoption of the Fleming Plan. Thank you David W. Fleming, Esq. HERMAN BERMAN, Sherman Oaks
September 18, 1988
The review of "Emperors of Adland" (Book Review, July 24) mentioned the agency "Sachi & Sachi." The correct name is Saatchi & Saatchi Co. PLC. DAVID W. BATTERSON PALM SPRINGS
January 23, 2007 | Alexandra Zavis and Greg Miller, Times Staff Writers
If there is anywhere Iran could easily stir up trouble in Iraq, it would be in Diyala, a rugged province along the border between the two nations. The combination of Sunni Arab militants believed to be affiliated with Al Qaeda and Shiite Muslim militiamen with ties to Iran has fueled waves of sectarian and political violence here. The province is bisected by long-traveled routes leading from Iran to Baghdad and Shiite holy cities farther south in Iraq.
September 13, 1987
David W. Myers' story on how California now can resort to exciting new south of the border investments in homes and developments was most engaging and informative. I want to compliment him on two most valuable and accessible stories. It is noteworthy, too, that the article was syndicated and picked up in so many meaningful places. JULIAN MYERS Los Angeles Myers is executive vice president of a public relations firm engaged by the law firm of which Ellsworth is a senior partner.
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