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July 26, 1998
As a 40-year resident of the great San Fernando Valley I wish to move the adoption of the Fleming Plan. Thank you David W. Fleming, Esq. HERMAN BERMAN, Sherman Oaks
June 1, 2003
Has anyone noticed that the war on terrorism is beginning to look an awful lot like the war on drugs, not to mention the war on poverty? T. David Estes San Clemente
January 16, 1987 | CHALON SMITH
"To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday" at the Westminster Community Theatre is a haunting of sorts. Michael Brady's contemporary drama is about the pain and coping associated with the departure of a loved one. David, who recently lost his wife, Gillian, in a boating accident, has isolated himself and his daughter on an island off the Eastern Seaboard, having quit his professorship and abandoned New York and its societal demands to live by the beach.
November 23, 2003
Regarding David Colker's article "A Quest for the French Laundry" [Weekend Escape, Nov. 9]: How old is this guy, 12? I found the article focused on the nudity, not on the destination. His judgmental tone demonstrated only his lack of sophistication. For a travel writer, he is woefully provincial. I would have approached this travel experience as a learning opportunity and a chance to broaden my perspective. Grow up, David, and open your mind. Brian Blatchley Palm Desert
September 30, 2000
The Kings' on-again, off-again captain, Rob Blake, cannot decide whether to wear the "C" on his jersey. We all know the "C" denotes Courage, not Complainer. Honor your Contract and end this Controversy. DAVID R. STERN Marina del Rey
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