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November 23, 2003
Regarding David Colker's article "A Quest for the French Laundry" [Weekend Escape, Nov. 9]: How old is this guy, 12? I found the article focused on the nudity, not on the destination. His judgmental tone demonstrated only his lack of sophistication. For a travel writer, he is woefully provincial. I would have approached this travel experience as a learning opportunity and a chance to broaden my perspective. Grow up, David, and open your mind. Brian Blatchley Palm Desert
September 30, 2000
The Kings' on-again, off-again captain, Rob Blake, cannot decide whether to wear the "C" on his jersey. We all know the "C" denotes Courage, not Complainer. Honor your Contract and end this Controversy. DAVID R. STERN Marina del Rey
December 14, 1986 | ADALYN BESS HALPERN, Halpern is a Los Angeles free-lance writer.
When my husband, Bill, and I were thinking about another trip to Europe in our golden years, we decided I could use some help with Bill's wheelchair and driving in Europe. David, a UCLA student, worked for us part-time. He helped Bill, drove him to the office and fixed everything. He was strong, quick, resourceful and best of all, sunny. So we asked if he'd like to share our trip and give us a hand in Europe. He did a thumbs up, flashed a smile and suddenly the three of us were flying to France.
July 13, 2005 | Tim Brown, Times Staff Writer
David and Rick Eckstein, Whitey's boys, dressed beside each other in the National League clubhouse; David in his St. Louis Cardinal road grays, Rick in his Washington National grays. They were trying to enjoy David's first All-Star game. The league and Manager Tony La Russa were gracious enough to allow Rick, a minor league hitting instructor in the N.Y.-Penn League, to share the time.
July 10, 1986
When Erik Jansson was barely into his teens he used to sneak into the garage and lift his brother David's weights. "Nobody caught him and he kept covered up," David remembered with a chuckle. "Then one day about a year later he uncovered. I said, 'Whoa, this guy's getting big.' " At 13, that was the start of Jansson's body building career, which is still in its infancy but has opened to rave reviews.
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