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Dead Child

August 12, 1990 | STEVE WEINSTEIN
"The ridiculous thing is that now I get to go out to lunch with judges," says David E. Kelley, the executive producer of NBC's "L.A. Law." "When I was an actual lawyer, I couldn't get judges to listen to me when I was the only one standing in court talking directly at them." It was only four years ago that Kelley was a lawyer, working in a high-rise office building in Boston, litigating disputes over real estate transactions and minor criminal cases.
June 6, 2013 | By Michael McGough
The Times on Thursday editorialized in favor of a bill in Congress that would call on states to review laws that criminalize conduct by people infected by HIV. While the bill itself may be worthy, its title is an example of an obnoxious trend. Our editorial refers to the legislation, introduced by Reps. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), as the Repeal HIV Discrimination Act of 2013. But “Repeal” should actually be spelled “REPEAL” because it's an acronym for “Repeal Existing Policies that Encourage and Allow Legal HIV Discrimination Act.” OK, you have to toss out the words “HIV Discrimination Act,” but you get the idea.
July 8, 1993
An East Los Angeles man who pleaded no contest to killing his girlfriend's daughter and then dumping the baby's body into a trash bin was sentenced Wednesday to 21 years in prison. John Diaz, 27, was arrested in February after a three-day search for him and 10-month-old Desire Lartundo. He entered his plea, which is the equivalent of a guilty plea, in May as his preliminary hearing was about to get under way.
September 17, 1995
The "war memorial" proposed for the Chatsworth Metrolink station is a fraud and should not be built ("Donations Sought for War Memorial," Aug. 22). The plan calls for a flagpole and a plaque paying tribute to veterans. Nothing in the plan evokes the true images of war, so it cannot truly be called a war memorial. Where are the images of demolished buildings, or of a mother wailing while cradling her dead child? Those are the images of war. We should have to face those images when deciding whether to send troops into battle, rather than the government-sponsored sanitized images presented to us with the full cooperation of the media.
A Fountain Valley man was sentenced to four years in state prison Friday for the slaying of his 15-month-old nephew in 1989. Sherman Robert Corwin, 21, gave an emotional apology before receiving the maximum penalty, saying he wished that he could trade places with the dead child, according to Deputy Public Defender Marri Derby. "He is visibly upset by the incident and feels horrible about it," Derby said. "He apologized for the grief that was caused to both families."
May 1, 1997 | From Associated Press
Rebels dumped truckloads and trainloads of sick and starving refugees on unprepared aid workers, who flew 236 children home to Rwanda on Wednesday and struggled to deal with the rest. In the squalid camps south of this northeastern Zairian city, refugees fought for biscuits, famished after days hiding in the jungle. Many were sick with cholera and malaria. A mother at a Kisangani transit camp clung to her dead child. "This is a chaos," U.N.
October 7, 1990
A 2-year-old boy was killed Saturday evening and three other people were seriously injured when a hit-and-run driver started a chain reaction that ended with a head-on collision on Foothill Boulevard in Sylmar, the Los Angeles Police Department reported. The head-on collision occurred after the hit-and-run car, which was traveling north, passed some cars on the right and struck the curb.
September 20, 1986
Police are investigating the death of an infant girl whose body was found floating in San Diego Bay early Friday. The victim has not been identified, but authorities said they have determined conclusively that she is not the 6-month-old Tijuana girl who has been missing for two weeks. The parents of the missing girl fear that she may have been kidnaped by a baby-smuggling ring for sale to prospective adoptive parents in the United States.
July 9, 1991
A financial settlement in a medical malpractice lawsuit, brought by a couple whose baby died of a severe birth defect five days after it was born at a county hospital in Sylmar, has been delayed at least until Sept. 16, their attorney said Monday.
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