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Dead Poets Society

June 9, 1991 | Elisabeth Wehrmann, Wehrmann taught German literature in England, Germany and the Netherlands, and now writes for the German weekly, Die Zeit
Turning an unhappy love story into literature made him a best-selling author by age 24. Readers "devoured his novel with a melting heart, their eyes trickling with voluptuous pain," whereas his critics denounced the book as "Satan's enticement," calling for the censor, for fire and brimstone.
June 26, 1994 | DAVID GRITTEN
One of the most memorable sequences in the film "Four Weddings and a Funeral" comes during the funeral of a leading character when actor John Hannah delivers a moving eulogy and recites a W. H. Auden poem at the funeral of his lover.
July 23, 2000 | ALICIA A. REYNOLDS, Alicia A. Reynolds lives in Ventura and teaches English at Oxnard High School
"How come all the stuff we read is by dead people?" one of my spunky little students asked during a reading of Wordsworth. "It takes the test of time," I sagaciously asserted, "to render a work a classic." "Then," she persisted, "who decides which old stuff gets called classic?"
July 6, 1989 | Kathie Bozanich
Movie (National ranking) Weekend Gross Screens/Avg. (Studio) (National) (National) 1.Batman (1) $362,454 15/$24,164 (Warner Bros.) ($30 million) 2.Honey, I Shrunk ... (2) $148,696 12/$12,391 (Disney) ($13 million) 3.Dead Poets Society (6) $99,363 10/$9,936 (Disney) ($6.7 million) (1,109/$6,049) 4.Karate Kid III (3) $93,010 9/$10,334 (Columbia) ($10 million) (1,560/$6,667) 5.Ghostbusters II (4) $92,392 15/$6,159 (Columbia) ($9.
March 6, 2003 | From Reuters
Actor Ethan Hawke is set to appear on stage in Dublin this month when he takes part in a season of readings of American plays. Hawke, who starred in "Dead Poets Society" and in recent years has turned his hand to writing novels, will be the main attraction at the "Americana" festival at the Abbey, the National Theater of Ireland. He will be appearing in a reading of Sam Shepard's "The Late Henry Moss." Other works featured during the two-week run that starts today include Charles L.
"Born on the Fourth of July," "Glory" and "When Harry Met Sally . . . " scored the most honors in Golden Globe nominations announced today by the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. The modern romance comedy and the two war-oriented films--one about Vietnam, the other on the Civil War--were nominated five times each. They were followed by "Dead Poets Society," "Do the Right Thing" and "The Little Mermaid" with four nominations apiece.
May 21, 1994
Robert Jahn, 52, senior vice president of creative services for Buena Vista Pictures Marketing, the advertising arm of Walt Disney Studios. During his tenure the trailers for "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," "Dick Tracy," "Pretty Woman," "Three Men and a Litle Lady, "Dead Poets Society" and others were singled out for national honors. Jahn had been with Disney since 1985 after working as a writer and producer in New York. In Los Angeles on Thursday of what the company described as a lengthy illness.
March 9, 1994
Kevin Philip Hyson, 43, who marketed such films as "Aladdin," "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Little Mermaid" for Disney. Hyson, who joined Disney six years ago, was recently promoted to executive vice president of theatrical marketing for the Disney subsidiary Buena Vista International. Other films he worked with included "Sister Act," "White Fang," "Pretty Woman," "Dead Poets Society" and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"
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