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March 31, 1989 | KEVIN THOMAS
"Sing" (citywide) is a slack and sentimental tale in which a community in a dying section of Brooklyn marshals its forces to stage its traditional end-of-semester high school musical competition one last time. In his directorial debut, composer Richard Baskin reveals none of the style that has marked his film scores and other musical ventures.
March 27, 1988 | ROBERT KOEHLER
In the middle of choreographer-director-dancer-actress Debbie Allen's hurricane of activity, which includes an upcoming album and a TV special, is a project that has remained a constant for her since the first days of her involvement with "Fame": "Carrie"--the musical. "Michael Gore, Dean Pitchford, Lawrence Cohen and I developed 'Fame's' whole musical-dance look," Allen said. "But the three of them were also cooking up this stage musical.
August 19, 1999
Englishmen Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy led their derivative but charismatic rock band the Cult through a turbulent career that derailed in 1995. Four years later, the singer and the guitarist have reunited, and L.A. can't wait to see the new chapter unfold--the Cult's House of Blues engagement, which opened Monday, has grown to a whopping seven nights. * The Cult, House of Blues, 8430 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood. 7:30 p.m. Sold out. (323) 848-5100. Also Friday, Saturday and Monday at 9 p.m.
At least we can rest assured that the public schools are turning out a corps of students well trained in MTV-style dancing, Vegas-style singing and sitcom-style acting. This is what we glean from "Fame," the stage musical, at the Pantages Theatre. Actually, it's unclear how much credit should go to the public school depicted here--New York's High School of the Performing Arts in the early '80s.
May 16, 1988 | MARTIN BERNHEIMER, Times Music Critic
Broadway wants to be operatic these days. The music--not the play--is the thing, or so they say. Last year's big British imports, the high-tech extravaganza "Starlight Express" and the hyper-banal "Les Miserables," insist on telling their stories with songs instead of spoken words. "Cats" had done the same.
March 31, 1987 | TERRY ATKINSON
The best original song is a song that was actually written for the picture and not just some piece of junk the producer found in the piano bench, you dig? --Bette Midler, explaining song category at '81 Academy Awards The Oscar-winning songs of the last two decades are absolutely no match for the ones that won in the '30s--or, for that matter, the '40s and '50s.
"Fame," at the Alex Theatre, could have been called "Same." In interviews, "Fame" creator David De Silva claims this "Fame" is not an adaptation of the 1980 movie about a New York performing arts high school. This one is set in the early '80s, after the movie was released. There are different songs and different characters. Different in names, yes. But in fact most of the characters are strikingly similar to their movie forebears.
April 3, 1989 | BETTY GOODWIN
It can be rough being young and popular in Hollywood. The night after the 61st Academy Awards presentation, there was Carrie Hamilton, a performer in the up-and-comers production number, out on the town again. "I'm exhausted," she said at the premiere of the movie "Sing." "Everybody from last night still has their makeup on--you go to sleep propped up," the actress, dressed in shredded jeans, joked. "But I thought, 'I'm so tired, I wonder if anyone else is going to show up.'
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