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Death Certificates

July 14, 1985 | TIM WATERS, Times Staff Writer
A Carson man who hauled and stored dozens of corpses for one of the nation's largest cremation and burial companies has been arrested after a metal stamp used to certify death certificates was found in his home. Eugene J. Hawkins, who for the past several years has worked as an independent contractor for the Neptune Society Corp.
October 18, 1987
I'd like to commend Mona Gable for such an excellent presentation of human suffering. It's dreadful that this miserable plague has devastated so many lives and killed so many people. There are those who say that the needle-using drug abusers and homosexuals are actually signing their own death certificates when they indulge in "immoral" behavior. And there are those who claim that AIDS is the wrath of God and that the only way to save oneself from this curse is to marry. Instead of ridicule and ridiculous solutions for homosexuals, people should devote themselves toward helping their fellow man. I sincerely hope that this terrible disease will soon vanish from the face of the Earth so that all homosexual men can resume their lives free of uncertain death and criticism.
February 21, 2012 | By Eryn Brown, Los Angeles Times / For the Booster Shots blog
Hepatitis C mortality rates surpassed HIV mortality rates in the United States in 2007, researchers said Monday. In a study in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine ( abstract here ), U.S. Centers for Disease Control researchers analyzed causes of death on more than 21.8 million U.S. death certificates filed between 1999 and 2007. Rates of death related to hepatitis C, a viral infection that causes chronic liver disease, rose at an average rate of .18 deaths per 100,000 persons per year.
February 2, 1985 | JACK JONES, Times Staff Writer
Two Los Angeles life insurance agents were in jail Friday, suspected of defrauding their company of more than $1 million by submitting phony death certificates to collect settlements in the names of policyholders not yet dead. The alleged scheme came to light, said Ronald E. Warthen, supervising criminal investigator for the state Department of Insurance Fraud Bureau, when a regional claims manager for the insurance company recognized the name of a small child in a pending claim.
Cardboard tombstones line the walls and every sixth-grader tucks a stack of death certificates inside his or her desk. But the classroom setting isn't morbid to Madera teacher Bill Coate and his 30 students as they resurrect memories of the Chinese immigrants buried beneath the defunct town of Borden. By digging through original government records, the youngsters are "doing" history instead of just reading about it, Coate said.
November 6, 1994 | THE SOCIAL CLIMES STAFF
It was a real treat when, upon leaving the Los Feliz Theater after a screening of "Ed Wood," we happened upon a stack of papers in the lobby with photocopies of the actual death certificates of Wood and the pathos-inducing Bela Lugosi. Upon closer examination, we found this to be the work of Hollywood's ghoulish guides, Grave Line Tours. "We thought it would be kind of cool," says Greg Smith, Grave Line's owner.
Five days after Linda McCartney's death, Santa Barbara County authorities said Wednesday that they have opened an investigation to help answer growing doubts about whether the wife of former Beatle legend Paul McCartney really died here. The county Sheriff's Department opened the inquiry when no death certificate was filed with its coroner's division after a McCartney family spokesman was quoted in worldwide news accounts saying that Linda McCartney had died in Santa Barbara on Friday, Sgt.
The reported death rate from Alzheimer's disease jumped tenfold between 1979 and 1987, federal health officials said Thursday. While the number of people contracting the disease may be rising, the statistical increase more likely reflects the fact that physicians are more aware of Alzheimer's and are diagnosing it more frequently, according to the Centers for Disease Control, which released the findings.
March 26, 1986 | KIM MURPHY, Times Staff Writer
More than two weeks after Challenger's crew cabin was found submerged in the Atlantic, military forensics experts are working to complete the grim task of identifying its seven crew members and ascertaining how they met their deaths. After three trips into the murky waters, divers from the salvage ship Preserver are believed to have recovered remains from all seven crew members, and full identifications have been made on six of them, a source said Tuesday. Mitsui Onizuka, mother of Lt. Col.
December 9, 2010 | By Thomas H. Maugh II, Los Angeles Times
After five decades as the third-leading cause of death in the United States, stroke slipped to fourth place in 2008, edged out by chronic lower respiratory disease, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday. Preliminary figures for 2008 also showed that life expectancy slipped slightly in 2008, declining from 77.9 years in 2007 to 77.8 in 2008. Heart disease and cancer remained the two leading causes of death, accounting for 48% of all deaths. In fifth through 10th places were accidents, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, influenza/pneumonia, kidney diseases, and septicemia.
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