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October 27, 1990
Your headline said that the "rich" were to be taxed by the proposed House budget. After reading the article, I found that the "rich" were those people making more than $50,000. Just whose definition of rich is this? The idea that anyone making above $50,000 a year is rich is a lie. TYE RUBINS Beverly Hills
October 22, 1989
Bravo for CBS and "Peaceable Kingdom." This marvelous and enlightening series is free of sex and violence. It is the best definition of family entertainment. Elaine Leonard, Woodland Hills
February 14, 1987
Orel Hershiser has given us a new definition of chutzpah: Ask for a 10% raise on your $1-million salary after a season of 14 wins, 14 losses and a 3.85 earned-run average. The old definition, as you probably know, was the guy who murdered his parents and asked leniency because he was an orphan. PAUL BAESSLER Agoura Hills
March 29, 2007
RE "The Lowdown on Flat-Panels" [March 15]: Having purchased a 46-inch LCD flat-panel TV, I can tell you that you omitted a critical factor: How does the set display standard definition pictures? My biggest disappointment in the flat-panel I bought was that at $3,500, the set cannot come close to the quality of the $400 cathode ray tube TV it replaced when I'm watching standard-definition broadcasts. And lest anyone be deceived by the clarity of the "sweat beads on some jock's face" on the stunning store HD displays, it is no accident that they are always high-definition.
June 13, 1989
I appreciate Del Olmo's resistance to the catch-all definition "Hispanic." Indeed, this is imprecise terminology. As an American, of Irish descent, I find equally imprecise and insensitive the term "Anglo" used to designate all non-Latin Caucasians. RONALD J. HARRIS Lakewood
March 9, 1991
The Column One (March 1) article "Doomsday for War Forecasts" by Doyle McManus was a joy to read. It confirms the definition of an expert as "one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows all there is to know about nothing." NORMAN N. ALPERIN Rancho Palos Verdes
March 4, 1992
Reading your article about Bush's support of Iraq (in light of all that was known) brings to mind the philosopher Santayana's definition of fanaticism: "Redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten your aim." L.H. COLEMAN Westminster
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