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July 14, 2003 | From Times Wire Reports
Police defused a bomb in a packed hotel in Pamplona after being tipped off by a phone call in the name of the Basque guerrilla group ETA, the Navarre regional government said. The device was found in the basement of the Maisonnave hotel in the town center. The hotel was evacuated and the device discovered in a restroom. Thousands of tourists come to Pamplona for the annual festival of the running of the bulls.
May 18, 1998 | Associated Press
British army experts safely defused a 500-pound car bomb Sunday outside a police barracks in Armagh. IRA dissidents claimed responsibility for planting it. Also Sunday, police confirmed that two mortar shells and about 150 pounds of homemade explosives had been defused 110 miles southwest of Belfast, the provincial capital. Police discovered the arms Friday near an isolated shed within 500 yards of Northern Ireland's border with the Irish Republic.
July 17, 1990
In the first hint of a diplomatic breakthrough since the bloody Kashmir conflict erupted again early this year, foreign secretaries of India and Pakistan open two days of talks Wednesday in hopes of easing tensions. Pakistan initiated the exchange to talk about Kashmir's political future--a subject India says is non-negotiable. New Delhi wants only to pursue "confidence building" measures.
A confrontation between Auburn University's faculty and its administration was apparently averted with a ruling last week that university policies were not violated by the withdrawal of an offer of tenure to controversial Catholic scholar Charles Curran. University officials announced that the Alabama school's Tenure and Promotions Committee decided that university President James E. Martin did not violate campus policies or Curran's academic freedom when he denied tenure to the scholar.
July 9, 2003
Californians have bad memories of the rolling blackouts of 2001, which were triggered in part by pipeline companies' manipulation of natural gas supplies and prices. New warnings about a nationwide natural gas shortage naturally raise hackles on the West Coast: Is this simply a ploy to raise prices again? If only it were that simple. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan says he worries that static domestic production and inadequate natural gas imports could impede economic recovery.
January 19, 2006 | Shirin Ebadi and Muhammad Sahimi, SHIRIN EBADI, a human rights advocate, was awarded the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize. MUHAMMAD SAHIMI is a professor of chemical engineering at USC.
LOST IN THE international fury over Iran's partial restart of its nuclear energy program, and the deplorable statements by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad regarding Israel, has been the fact that respect for human rights and a democratic political system are the most effective deterrent against the threat that any aspiring nuclear power, including Iran, may pose to the world. When the U.S.
July 25, 2012
Re "A human deluge," First of a five-part series, July 22 Population growth and climate change are the greatest threats humanity is confronting. Countries of the Indian subcontinent, Africa and the Middle East urgently need to take effective measures to curb their population growth. It is proven that educating women and providing access to contraception make a huge difference. In the Indian state of Kerala, the literacy rate is comparable to European nations; as a result of educating women, the rate of population growth there is low. Even Iran reduced its population growth in the 1990s by requiring couples to take a course in family planning before getting married.
April 21, 2006 | From Times Wire Reports
Japan will send a high-ranking official to South Korea to defuse rising tension over a resource-rich cluster of islets claimed by both countries, a top government official said. The emergency visit to Seoul is intended to break a standoff triggered by Tokyo's plan to conduct a maritime survey around the uninhabited islands. The Japanese coast guard survey ships have lingered off the country's coast as tensions flared. South Korea has dispatched about 20 gunboats to the disputed waters.
November 28, 2013 | By Joseph Cirincione
When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew his red line across a cartoon bomb at the United Nations in September 2012, he highlighted the most pressing issue with Iran's nuclear program: the Islamic Republic's ability to enrich uranium to near-bomb grade. If Iran enriched enough uranium to 20% purity, Netanyahu warned, it could further enrich it for a bomb in “a few months or a few weeks.” Netanyahu predicted that Iran would cross his red line by this spring or summer at the latest.
August 27, 2002 | From Times Staff Reports
Brea police Monday described an object found on a city sidewalk over the weekend as a makeshift bomb that could have seriously injured or killed someone. "It was similar to a pipe bomb, about 6 inches in length," Lt. Martin Needham said. "It had destructive capabilities." A jogger found the device about 8 a.m. Sunday in the 1200 block of West Lambert Road.
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